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Crane slung gas cylinder cradle

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GCHP Crane Slung Gas Cylinder Cradle

GCHP Crane Slung Gas Cylinder Cradle

Simultaneously lift and move up to four gas cylinders with a crane system by simply attaching the GCHP crane slung gas cylinder cradle.

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GCHP Crane Slung Gas Cylinder Cradle Features & Benefits

The GCHP is a gas cylinder handling cradle which incorporates a large top lifting eye so that it can be attached to a crane system such as a Jib crane and electric hoist combo and slung underneath. Because the GCHP is crane slung your gas cylinders can be lifted to greater heights. If you have a forklift truck with a hook attachment then this can be used slung under the forks too.

Another benefit is that the cradle platform is raised off the floor just enough to enable a forklift trucks forks to enter. The GCHP should only be used for positioning purposes, lifting slightly off the ground, not a full lift from underneath.

There are four areas on the GCHP for positioning gas bottles where each will be held securely by a steel retaining chain. Each segment measures 345 x 396mm and so can accommodate a range of sizes of cylinders, the maximum height must be no more than 1250mm.

The cradle has a central box section framework with a large lifting eye in order to respect the centre of gravity to keep loads stable. You should also ensure the cradle is loaded evenly to prevent swinging. Therefore four bottles are best but two may be lifted if positioned diagonally from each other to balance the load in each direction, left to right, front to back. Stability is key to a safe lift.

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LPG, gas and other cylinders are cumbersome to move around, many will try to roll them on the bottom rim but this is not ideal, unstable and poses risks. Lifting Gear Direct can supply a number of LPG gas cylinder lifting, moving and storing options. Gas cylinder lifting bags, trolleys, cradles and more. However you wish to handle your gas bottles then we will probably have the right piece of equipment suited to your requirements.

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