4 gas bottle lifting cradle clc

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4 Gas Bottle Lifting Cradle CLC

4 Gas Bottle Lifting Cradle CLC

The CLC 4 gas bottle lifting cradle is a simply designed device to facilitate the lifting of multiple gas cylinders. The CLC gas cylinder handler has a maximum safe working load of 500kg.

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About the 4 Gas Bottle Lifting Cradle

Manufactured from quality steel the 4 bottle gas cylinder lifting stand can be used for the simple storage of gas bottles as well as their primary use for lifting applications.

There is a flat base plate where the gas bottles will sit with a central lifting arm with 50mm eye type anchor point at the top. The lifting eye enables easy attachment to the overhead lifting device you are using, typically this will be an electric hoist.

The central arm incorporates two cross braces which act as supports for the cylinders at the rear. The gas cylinders are then held in place with retaining chains at the top and bottom to ensure the cylinders do not fall out of the cradle.

This gas cylinder lifting cradle is best used with 4 similar sized bottles, However it could be used with two cylinders as long as they are equidistant from each other around the centre of gravity. This means they will be placed diagonally opposite each other. If the cradle is not equally loaded then the cradle will tilt.

This is because the lifting eye is at the top central point of the cradle meaning it is gravity central. Any lifting application must bear gravity in mind, if it is off, then the load can easily become unstable.

There are two sizes available to suit most cylinder sizes. The CLC4230 is suitable for cylinders from 180mm up to 230mm and the CLC4305 handles cylinders with diameters from 230mm up to 305mm, see the specification tab for all the technical data and dimensions.

More ways to lift & move Gas Bottles

There are a number of different ways to handle a gas bottle and most types can be found here at Lifting Gear Direct. We have a lifting cradle to handle 6 cylinders , the FCC, as well as single bottles all for overhead lifting. Other types of lifting solutions include liftable trolleys and forklift cradle attachments lifting bottles with your forklift truck. For easy transportation around the workplace other than the forklift options we have gas cylinder trolleys which are perhaps the simplest way to move cylinders around.

Browse the full collection of cylinder handling equipment and get in touch for help if you need it.

Model Capacity Cylinder Diameter Dimensions
CLC4230 500kg 180mm – 230mm 460 x 460 x 1850mm
CLC4305 500kg 230 – 305mm 610 x 610 x 1850mm