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Forklift gas bottle handler gch

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Forklift Gas Bottle Handler - GCH

Forklift Gas Bottle Handler - GCH

 The GCH forklift gas bottle handler enables you to lift and move up to 4 gas cylinders whilst getting the most use out of your forklift truck.

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About the GCH Forklift Gas Bottle Handler

If you own a forklift truck and also have the need to lift and transport gas cylinders then the GCH gas bottle handler should be right up your street.

With the ability to handle up to 4 cylinders at a time it could potentially save you time effort and therefore money, not to mention the injury risk reduction you get from not having to manually handle the bottles. You also have the option of using the handler for storing the bottles when not attached to the forklift and paced on the ground.

The maximum fork size is 130 x 50mm and the handler simply slides onto the forks and secured to the rear of each fork with a heel pin retention screw, so its quick and easy.

The GCH multi gas cylinder handler is able to accommodate up to 4 cylinders depending on the size, and has a 500kg working load limit. You will find a table in the specifications tab with all the size details.

The base of the bottle handler has four pockets and a low threshold and therefore gas cylinders will load pretty easily. The gas bottles are held in place with a webbing ratchet strap attached to the framework. Butane and Propane gas bottles are commonly transported with the GCH gas cylinder handler, it can handle cylinders from 240mm in diameter to 318mm diameters. The weights will differ slightly between butane and propane.

The forklift gas cylinder handler GCH comes fully tested and includes a certificate of conformity and CE mark so health an safety regulations are complied with for peace of mind.

Other Handling Options for Gas Bottles

Because gas bottles come is many sizes, all of which are tricky to handle, Lifting Gear Direct offers a diverse selection of solutions for a range of cylinder handling applications. From other forklift attachments to simple cylinder trolleys and a great collection of gas bottle lifting solutions, you will find them all on this website.

GCH Forklift Cylinder Handler Specs

Model MAX. SWL Fork Spread Max. Fork Size C of G Weight
GCH Multi 500kg 912mm 130 x 50mm 291mm 69kg

Butane Gas Bottles

Butane Gas Bottle Type 4.5kg 240mm Diameter 6kg 306mm Diameter 7kg 256mm Diameter 15kg 318mm Diameter
No. of Bottles handled 4 4 4 2

Propane Gas Bottles

Propane Gas Bottle Type 3.9kg 240mm Diameter 5kg 306mm diameter 6kg 256mm Diameter 13kg & 19kg 318mm Diameter
No. of Bottles handled 4 4 4 2