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Forklift Gas Cylinder Lifting Cradle FCC Series

Forklift Gas Cylinder Lifting Cradle FCC Series

Lift, move and store up to 6 gas bottles with the Forklift gas cylinder lifting cradle FCC series. There are two sizes available to suit different cylinder diameters.

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About the Forklift Gas Cylinder Lifting Cradle FCC Series

If you often have the need to lift and move multiple gas bottles and also own a forklift truck then the FCC cylinder lifting cradle could be beneficial to you.

The cylinder cradle incorporates 2 fork pockets at the top of the frame which are 150 x 50mm, these will slide onto most truck forks but check your sizes prior to purchase.

The open frame steel base has sections to hold 6 gas cylinders and there are two girdles to support the cylinder, one is around 1/3 of the way up and the other is around 2/3 of the way up. Each girdle incorporates a chain which is used to secure the cylinder into place and thus prevent them from falling out.

There are a couple of size options to choose from, the FCC6230 has the largest capacity of 750kg but handles the smaller cylinders with diameters from 180mm to 230mm. The second model, the FCC6305 has a load capacity of 500kg but handles larger diameter cylinders from 230mm up to 305mm and the framework is a little larger. Please take a look at the all the technical data in the specifications tab above.

The FCC gas bottle cradle for forklift trucks complies to BS13155 for your peace of mind on quality and safety.

Other Options for Cylinder Handling

If you have ever handled a gas bottle, then you will know just how awkward they can be. Lifting Gear Direct can offer a great choice of products which enable the easier handling of gas bottles in different ways. So whether you need to lift, move or store your cylinders we will surely have an option to suit.  

Model Capacity Cylinder Diameter Dimensions Fork Pocket Centres Pocket Dimensions
FCC6230 750kg 180 – 230mm 815 x 680 x 1850mm 600mm 150 x 50mm
FCC6305 500kg 230 – 305mm 1040 x 680 x 1850mm 600mm 150 x 50mm