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Gas grab cylinder lifting handles

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Gas Grab Cylinder Lifting Handles

Gas Grab Cylinder Lifting Handles

Gas grab cylinder lifting handles make the manual lifting and moving of gas bottles much easier whilst reducing the risk of musculoskeletal injuries from lifting awkwardly.

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About Gas Grab Cylinder Lifting Handles

When it comes to handling gas cylinders you will commonly see a single person struggling to lift the gas bottle up in order to move it. This is because you simply cannot get a good grip and often result in a bear hug grip which puts much strain on the back and shoulders. When you try to walk with a cylinder in this way your gait will be awkward as the bottle is between your legs and therefore puts further strain on hips and knees.

There is now a simple solution, the innovative gas grab cylinder lifting handles enable one or two people to lift and move a gas bottle with a significant reduction in the amount of stress placed on the back, hips and knees. A study has been completed by Bradford university to show the benefits of using a gas grab to lower the risk of injuries.

It is suggested that a two person lift works much better then a single person for both handling and reducing risks especially for higher and longer distances. It will greatly depend on the size and weight of the gas cylinder as to whether 1 or 2 people will use the gas grab for lifting and/or transporting gas bottles.

Gas Grab Features

Another big benefit to the gas grab gas bottle lifting handle is that it takes up little room when not in use, they can simply be hung on a wall hook, unlike other gas bottle handling equipment, which is big and bulky, taking up valuable space.

Gas grabs come in a wide range of sizes which come in different colours according to size. The smallest models are the white single handle version with a 100mm diameter, the largest double handle model has a diameter of 320mm.

Gas grab gas bottle lifting handles work by using a scissor type grip on the gas bottle. The scissor action works with the weight of the cylinder and will clamp tighter to provide a firm grip on the cylinder as soon as it is lifted.

The grab handles are made from rigid, die-cast aluminium and every grab is fully certified and tested .

More Types of Cylinder Handling Devices

These gas grabs are certainly a great means of manually handling gas cylinders but they may not suit your needs. Take a look at the extensive range of gas bottle trolleys, cylinder lifting and storage solutions to find your ideal cylinder handling solution. If you would like some help with your choice then give the Lifting Gear Direct team a call on 01384 76961.

Model To Suit Cylinder Diameter Colour
100 100mm white gloss (pair)
140 140mm black gloss (pair)
178 178mm light grey gloss
203 203mm light blue gloss
215 215mm yellow gloss
230 230mm green gloss
235 235mm purple gloss
254 254mm orange gloss
305 305mm red gloss
320 320mm beige gloss