CT20 dual gas bottle trolley

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CT20 Dual Gas Bottle Trolley

CT20 Dual Gas Bottle Trolley

The CT20 dual gas bottle trolley series incorporates two designs, CT20A and CT20B with the latter having an additional rear wheel for better stability.

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About the CT20 Dual Gas Bottle Trolley Series

Firstly, all trolleys in this range of CT20 gas cylinder trucks are designed to handle 2 gas bottles at a time. They can handle cylinders with capacities of 40 to 50 litres with diameters of between 210 and 250mm.

They are manufactured from a range of tubular, solid bar and plate steel which have been welded together to to make up the trolley whilst ensuring its strength and stability. The baked powder coated finish ensures durability and makes it east to keep clean.

Both the CT20A and the CT20B have two front wheels which have a large 400mm diameter to provide easy and smooth transportation. For additional stability the CT20B gas bottle trolley incorporates a rear swivel castor which has a 200mm diameter.

This additional rear wheel offers extra support when the gas bottle is tilted back for transportation. It takes some of the weight off your back and shoulders whilst manoeuvring these heavy items and therefore helps to minimise strains and other injuries. What's more the swivelling castor makes the trolley much easier to steer. This extra support wheel can be folded out the way when not required by means of simply undoing a butterfly nut which holds the leg in place whilst in use.

The CT20B cylinder trolley is slightly larger and heavier than the CT20A gas bottle trolley, all the technical details can be found in the easy to read table in the specifications tab above.

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Model CT20A CT20B
Cylinder Diameter 210 – 250 mm 210 – 250 mm
Cylinder Capacity 40-50 litres 40 – 50 litres
Wheel Diameter 400mm 400mm
Dimensions 138H x 70W x 70D mm 142H x 75W x 75D mm
Weight 45kg 50kg