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Pafbag lifting cradle sling system

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Pafbag Lifting Cradle Sling System

Pafbag Lifting Cradle Sling System

This collection of lifting cradle sling systems features a range of specially configured slings for lifting solid objects like storage cases.  

PLEASE BE ADVISED: The images show the lifting cradle sling with a hard case. The case is NOT included, it is for illustration purposes only.

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About Pafbag Lifting Cradle Sling Systems

There are times when you need to lift solid, structured objects that will not suit lifting by the usual methods, like a chain sling or multiple web slings. Although this lifting system was designed, initially for hard cases like the Pelicase they can be used for other different shaped solid loads, flat or cubic, cabinets or crates for example.

This lifting cradle system, often called the lifting spider, will hold loads securely in their original orientation. They will not tip, thanks to the adjustable ring slings. The vertical retainer strap and horizontal strap are easily adjustable to suit the dimensions of the load. When tightly in position, they will stay there and hold the load in its original position.

Key Features of the Lifting Cradle System

The lifting cradles are made up of three main components. Firstly there is a vertical ring sling retainer strap which is a yellow webbing type sling with a strong, 17Kn metal quick fit buckle. This sling wraps around the solid object from top to bottom and underneath.

Secondly there is a horizontal ring sling which is a blue web sling, again with a metal buckle. This ring sling fits horizontally around the 4 sides of the load.

Thirdly we have the sling which does the lifting. This is made from black webbing and passes round and under the load in a basket type hitch.

The three slings are all interconnected so will remain together both in storage or in use. A storage pouch is available.

There is the option to add extra protection to the slings which is recommended if used in harsh areas. There is a choice of under base sling protectors and over top sling protectors. The under base protectors are abrasion resistant and will add extra protection to the 2 lifting sling sections and yellow retainer strap underneath the load (comes in a set of 3).

300Kg is the standard safe working load for these sling cradles, which come in 3 standard sizes; 0350, 1600 & 3075. There is also a panel lifting cradle which has a SWL of 200kg. However it is usually possible for bespoke slings to be made which can be tailored to the size of your load and the SWL can be increased to either 500kg or 1000kg if required.

More Lifting Bag Types

Depending on the objects you wish to lift there are a number of different lifting methods and products to consider. Lifting bags are pretty robust and come in a great range of options. They can be great when you need to lift multiple smaller items at once or need quick access. Sometimes this type of lifting aid will not work for you or your load so consider other options like lifting hoists, chain blocks, mobile gantry systems or Jib cranes, there are loads of combination options to tailor a lifting equipment set up suited to your load.

If you don't really know what would be your best option please call us and talk to our team who can advise and steer you in the right direction.

Type length depth height
Spider 350 unavailable at present
Spider 1600 560mm 205mm 430mm
Spider 3075 845mm 620mm 490mm
Panel bag 2.4m 100mm 1.2m