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Lidded box type lifting bag with pallet feet option CLB

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Lidded Box Type Lifting Bag with Pallet Feet Option - CLB

Lidded Box Type Lifting Bag with Pallet Feet Option - CLB

These closed top lifting bags are the square box type and come with an attached lid for easy, no fuss load securing. Hard trays and pallet feet are amongst the options available enabling easy pick up with a pallet truck.

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About the CLB Box Type Lifting Bag

There are 10 different sizes of the CLB box type lifting bag available as standard from Lifting Gear Direct. However should you require a specific size then we have the ability to get a bespoke size and design made up just for you.

The square or rectangular box shape of these lifting bags enables a wide range of loads to be lifted with ease. The stitched in, heavy duty lifting slings come complete with stainless steel rings for the lifting eye and there are two further handles to the sides for easier handling.

A further benefit to these box bags is that the lid is attached at one side meaning you can't lose it. They are easy to fold down and quick to secure with the robust velcro strips at the top of the bag, covering 3 sides.

The heavy duty lifting slings stitched into the bag contain stainless steel rings for easy attachment to a hoist's load hook.

Some box style lifting bag sizes incorporate a drop down front panel for even easier access, see spec table for more.

CLB box style lifting bag Options.

If you would like the lid to be even more secure then plastic snap buckle type clips can be added, these secure the lid to the bottom hard tray for maximum load security.

You can buy these bags with a soft bottom as standard but should you need a little more structure then an internal hard base can be added.

For optimum strength, protection, stability and structure an outer hard tray is a great option. These are made from 3mm HDPE and riveted to the bottom or the bag, they are typically covered with a skirt in the same material as the main bag for a smoother finish and to lower the chance of the hard plastic catching during a lift.

If you would like to be able to move your loaded bags around at ground level then we can add the optional pallet feet to the hard tray. This design enables a pallet truck to slide directly under the bag for easy moving.

Other options include removable hard sides for maximum rigidity and/or compartment sections to separate loads. Document windows can be added as well as custom labels if you need these options, just call the sales team on 01384 76961.

Other Lifting Bag Shapes & Sizes

Industrial lifting bags can be found in a wide range of designs, shapes and sizes and are often customizable to better suit your needs. Round, square, open top, closed top, box type, rucksack/kit bags, tube bags, solar panelframe bags and many more, all can be found at Lifting Gear Direct and are available to purchase at some of the keenest prices around.

CLB Model MAX. WLL Dimensions L x W x closed H (mm) Tray/Skirt option
CLB600 125kg 600 x 500 x 200 Y
CLB700 500kg 700 x 700 x 1100 Tray only
CLB900 400kg 900 x 500 x 450 Y
CLB1000 1000kg 1000 x 700 x 900 Y
CLB1080 1000kg 1080 x 600 x 250 Y
CLB1100 500kg 1100 x 1000 x 500 Y
CLB1200 1000kg 1230 x 830 x 250 Y
CLB1220 500kg 1200 x 1020 x 850 Y
CLB1240 1000kg 1270 x 930 x 650 Y
CLB1600 1000kg 1600 x 900 x 1000 Y
DCLB1200 1000kg 1200 x 1200 x 700 Tray only
Models CLB 700/1600 & DCLB1200 also have a fold down front

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