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Pafbag box type lifting bags

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Pafbag Box Type Lifting Bags

Pafbag Box Type Lifting Bags

With rigid wall construction these box lifting bags are ideal for lifting a wide range of loads from delicate objects to semi-solid loads. Available in 58 litre and 152 litre capacities.

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Key Features Of Pafbag Box Lifting Bags

These box lifting bags are similar to the square open top lifting bags, however they incorporate 4 rigid sides and lid. The double wall construction on all four sides enables the 2mm thick rigid plastic sheets to be inserted which then forms a tri-wall rigid box shaped lifting bag. They have the added bonus of being able to remove these sheets so that the bag can be folded somewhat for easier storage and transportation.

Because the bag is a more solid structure, loading and unloading is much easier, especially if using remote controlled loading equipment. The solid side walls provide optimum protection for more delicate items such as glassware. Or perhaps objects with sharp edges to stop them puncturing and poking through the bag and therefore cause potential injury. The lid fits neatly over the top edges of the lifting bag and also incorporates a rigid plastic panel, providing even more protection to the load from above.

The extra strong support doesn't stop there! Inside the base there is a 5mm plastic panel to provide a base plate. Not only does this provide bottom protection and strength but it also helps to distribute the weight more evenly through the lifting slings.

On the outside of the box lifting bag there is a robust, HDPE hard tray at the bottom which comes as standard. However a protective boot at the base may be available on request. This is made from a high tenacity PVC material, the same as the rest of the bag. The hard tray provides better protection against abrasion and wear whilst the soft boot is lighter and cheaper and is ideal for when minimal abrasion is expected.

More Elements of the Box Lifting Bag

Just like the majority of the other lifting bags you can find here at Lifting Gear Direct, the box bags have many similar elements. Firstly you will find the existence of the ring sling system. There is 1 on the 58 litre bag and 2 on the 152 litre box lifting bag. These ring slings provide additional strength around the side walls, in particular, the seams. Secondly the sling which actually does the lifting provides a super strong basket hitch around the bag and is attached to the bag via specially stitched sling tunnels. This set up enables the sling to remain in the perfect position for spreading the forces implied when lifting the load. It can be thoroughly inspected by passing the sling through the tunnels, this also enables sling replacement if necessary. The sling complies to EN1492-1 and possesses the CE mark.

For connecting the sling to a lifting device there are two options, purple wear sleeves which are the industry standard, or a couple of welded, stainless steel delta rings.

These box lifting bags also has two carrying handles which have a rubberised finish, these can handle a maximum of 30kg each and therefore should not be used to lift a fully loaded bag. They are there to help guide the bags around obstacles and for transportation when empty.

What other Lifting Bags Are Available?

Should this box shaped lifting bag not be quite right for your needs the we have many other types of lifting bags available which suit many different types of loads.

For instance there are gas bottle bags for easy transportation and lifting of gas cylinders. Panel lifting bags are perfect for frame type loads such as solar panels, window frames, large mirrors etc. Then we supply a range of open top lifting bags for quick loading and some different typed of closed top lifting bags for keeping loads extra secure.

Whatever your requirements, there will surely be a lifting bag to suit the objects you wish to lift so browse the full range and get in touch to order, or order online If available.

Size Length Width Load Height
58 litre 340mm 340mm 500mm
152 litre 450mm 450mm 750mm

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