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Steerman sx s load moving skates

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Steerman SX/S Load Moving Skates – Heavy Duty

Steerman SX/S Load Moving Skates – Heavy Duty

The SX/S load moving skates series incorporates 4 models with heavy duty benefits. 10 tonne, 20tonne, 30 tonne and 60 tonne loads can be moved with a complete set from this machine skate collection.

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About the SX/S Load Moving Skates

Moving heavy loads and machinery can be an arduous task but with a set of machine skates from the Steerman SX/S heavy duty load moving skates range it will become a much easier operation.

Designed with professional load movers in mind each machine skate kit consists of front and rear sections. The front section incorporate the robust handle for towing the load. This section also includes the turntable which enables the load to be steered easily.

The rear skate section consists of a pair of skates which are joined by a supporting tie rod in order to ensure they remain in a parallel position throughout transportation. This set up also ensures positive contact on uneven flooring.

These machine skates have been made from malleable S.G. Iron rather than conventional steel. This enables the skates size to be kept to a minimum whilst increasing load capacity. A standard steel version would need to be a lot larger to reciprocate the same capacities.

The turntable system has been constructed from a specialised cast nylon composite material which is ultra strong yet light in weight. There are thrust bearings which have a large diameter incorporated into the turntable to ensure effortless swivelling for easy steering.

The composite wheels have been machine made from solid nylon and is suitable for use on industrial floors. The material allows low rolling resistance whilst protecting flooring.

Whilst each model comes as a complete set of front and rear skate sections it is possible to supply them separately on request, so get in touch if you only need one section.

Other Load Moving Options

Whilst these are one of the best skate systems around, Lifting Gear Direct can supply a range of other models including an economy range for the budget conscious.

If machine moving skates are not the right product for your needs then we have a great selection of other types of equipment for load moving tasks. Pallet trucks are one of the most popular forms of load moving equipment and we have a vast range to choose from. Hydraulic tables and scissor lift tables are another way to move heavy loads around the workplace. There are other more specialised products such as load moving equipment for drums and barrels, here you will find trucks, trolleys, rotators and more; everything for your drum handling requirements.

Model Full Kit Capacity No. of wheels per set Size of wheels Turntable Diameter Overall Height Rear Width Adjustment Weight of complete kit

mm mm mm mm kg
SX10 10 16 82 x 48 180 102 252 – 1200 54
SX20 20 32 82 x 48 180 102 480 – 1500 76
SX30 30 48 82 x 48 180 110 720 – 1500 136
S60 60 48 115 x 54 350 170 800 – 2000 302