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Skt load moving kit

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SKT Load Moving Kit

SKT Load Moving Kit

Acting as the lighter duty counterpart to the Raptor SK, the SKT load moving skate kit includes all you need to manoeuvre large objects in factories, warehouses, workshops and other commercial contexts safely and efficiently.
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About the Raptor SKT Load Moving Kit

The Raptor SKT is a complete load moving kit complete with front and rear skates and handles. 

There are 3 kits available with varying capacities and wheel arrangements in nylon. 

These robust kits are ideal for most general load moving applications. 


The nylon rollers are a little less hardwearing than the steel roller-equipped counterparts to the SKT range mentioned in the introduction. However, this does not compromise on performance in the intended use cases, as the models available can encompass loads of between 6 tonnes and 24 tonnes. 

There is power in numbers here, since the largest skate has 16 rollers at the rear to both distribute the load more evenly and also allow for smoother movement. 

Handling the SKT from Raptor is simplified thanks to the inclusion of convenient handles as well as supporting bars. If used correctly, such a kit can streamline load moving and make handling awkward, oversized cargo and equipment a breeze. 


There are lots of other material handling equipment options to order from Lifting Gear Direct, including load skates of different shapes and sizes. 

The Steerman LFL provides more flexibility thanks to its use of castors rather than rollers or fixed wheels. The Raptor SF is a basic skate that is ideal for those customers that want to save as much cash as possible without compromising on core functionality. The Raptor ST is front steerable, allowing for plenty of precision. 

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Model Capacity per Set Front Rollers Rear Rollers Weight
SK6T 6,000Kgs 4 Nylon 8 Nylon 45Kgs
SK12T 12,000Kgs 8 Nylon 12 Nylon 96Kgs
SK24T 24,000Kgs 8 Nylon 16 Nylon 131Kgs