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Hydraulic furniture movers

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Hydraulic Furniture Mover FM180

Hydraulic Furniture Mover FM180

There are two models to choose from in this range of FM180 hydraulic furniture movers. The hydraulic system enables you to lift and move furniture easily and would make ideal sofa movers or appliance movers as well as other heavy loads. Lift and move furniture the easy way with a furniture moving truck set.

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About the Hydraulic Furniture Movers.

Perfect for moving professionals, these hydraulic furniture movers require little effort to lift furniture thanks to the hydraulic lifting system incorporated into the design. This heavy furniture lifter can handle loads up to 1800kg in a large range of widths and lengths. The 1800kg maximum capacity is for the pair of movers overall so that means each individual unit has a maximum safe working load of 900kg.

The maximum distance allowed between the 2 trucks is 4 meters and they must be secured together with the 5 meter securing straps incorporated on each truck. It is also worth noting that there is a minimum distance too, this is 0.5m.

Regarding the width of furniture, it must overhang each side of the truck by no more than 200mm on each side. The truck width is 680mm so if you add 200mm for each side overhang you will get a maximum load width of 1080mm. These measurements should not be exceeded in order to ensure good stability and safety.

It is worth noting that it is the weight of the item which essentially keeps it in place on the platform. However you should ensure the item of furniture is strong enough to be supported in this way. This is especially so with longer items and it is not supported in the middle, only at each end.

There are 2 models in this FM180 model range A and B, the key difference between the two is the height in which it can lift the furniture. The FM180A can lift to heights of 100mm and the FM180B can lift up to 250mm. So think carefully about the ground where you will be using the movers as this will influence the model to choose. The hydraulic bottle jack incorporated into the design makes lifting the heavy furniture easy. Pump the lever to lift the loading platform and twist the release valve to lower it.

Each unit incorporates a 600 x 60mm lifting platform where the furniture will rest. Both this and the top supporting bar have padded strips to protect the furniture being moved. The full width top bar/handle enables easy pushing and guiding. You should not pull these units; push only! The swivel castors are 150mm in diameter and are made from a non marking polyurethane material to offer protection to flooring. These furniture lifters can be used on carpeted areas.

Please refer to the operating manual and follow all guidelines to ensure a safe and stable furniture moving operation.

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Model FM180A FM180B
Load Capacity 1800kg 1800kg
Lifting Height 100mm 250mm
Lifting Plate WxD 600 x 60mm 600 x 60mm
Wheel Diameter 150mm 150mm
Overall Size 680 x 420 x 1000mm 680 x 420 x 1000mm
Net Weight 80kg 86kg