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Manual furniture mover

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Manual Furniture Mover FM60

Manual Furniture Mover FM60

This two piece manual furniture mover set provides an easy way of lifting furniture and moving it around. Suitable for loads of up to 600kg. An ideal piece of kit for removal firms, maintenance tasks and installation applications.

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About the Manual Furniture Mover

As the name suggests this furniture lifter is manually operated in that a crank handle is manually turned in order to raise the platform and therefore the furniture.

The two trucks in the kit are identical and incorporate a lower platform which measures 225mm x 120mm and has a non-slip protective covering to help prevent the load from slipping off.

Each transport unit incorporates a 5 meter strap and buckle system which is essential for securing the load and connecting the two trolleys together so that they move in tandem.

The furniture that you are moving is further supported by the support bar at the top of the trucks. These have rubber covers to protect the furniture from damage. There is also a lower support bar with protective coverings.

The overall size of the FM60 furniture movers is 570 x 390 x 780mm and weighs approx 25-30kg.

Using the FM60 Manual Furniture Mover

This piece of equipment is really easy to use. The 125mm diameter polyurethane wheels are designed to be non-marking in order to protect floor coverings. Because the wheels swivel, the trolleys can be steered with ease.

Firstly you need to position the trolleys, simply slide the lower platform centrally underneath until the sides of the item rest against the padded support bars.

Once both lower platforms have been positioned under each end of the item of furniture to be moved the straps can be wrapped along the sides and connected to the opposite trolley, do this on both sides ensuring the straps are pulled tight.

The crank handle can now be turned to raise the lower platform and therefore the furniture. You should do this very slowly and in small increments on each trolley bit by bit, ensuring the furniture is stable at each turn of the crank. If the item does not seem stable then the platform can be lowered and re-positioned.

When you are certain the load is stable and secure you can raise it more (maximum 300mm) so that it will clear the floor. Now you can push the furniture movers slowly to move the item to its final resting place where it can be lowered and the trolleys removed.

Other Load Moving Equipment

There are a few different kinds of load moving equipment which can facilitate moving furniture and other heavy appliances around. Whilst furniture movers are a great piece of kit, they are somewhat larger than load moving skates. Although they are more secure for larger furniture items. Machine skates take up much less room and so are easier to store and great for occasional use. Load moving machine skates are small platforms on wheels to position under the load. With most skates the load is used to push the item around. It can however be a little more tricky to lift/tilt the object in order to position the skate although a roller pry bar helps greatly with this.

Lifting Gear Direct can supply all of the above and more at great prices. Our load moving material handling section also includes pallet trucks, scissor lift tables and more, so take a look to find the perfect product for your needs.

Model FM60
Load Capacity 600kg
Lifting Height 300mm
Lifting Plate WxD 225 x 120mm
Wheel Diameter 125mm
Overall Size 570 x 390 x 780mm
Net Weight 25kg