Viper machine moving skate set vmms

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Viper Machine Moving Skate Set – VMMS

Viper Machine Moving Skate Set – VMMS

The Viper VMMS is a complete load moving skate set for moving machinery and other heavy loads. Working load limit capacities range from 8 tonne up to 48 tonne depending on the model selected.

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About the Viper Machine Moving Skate Set - VMMS Series

There are 4 key components in the Viper VMMS machine moving skate set.

The first and main component is the steerable section or the steering skate. This section incorporates a swivel plate/turntable which has a bearing to ensure smooth movement. It also has a gripping surface in order to keep the load secure. The second component, the handle, attaches to the rear to aid steering and which can be removed for compact storage.

The third and fourth components are the trailing skates. There are 2 sections which can be fitted together with the connecting bar. The bar ensures the skates move in tandem and remain equally spaced, this ensures good load stability. Both of these skates also have a non-slip coating for load security.

All wheels on the VMMS machine moving skaters are made from polyurethane.

Each set is fully traceable and marked with the maximum lifting capacity, CE mark. Product I.D code & Makers I.D

The maximum lifting capacity on each trailing skate is half of the steering skate( which is half the maximum overall capacity), but when both trailing skates are used they equal the steering skate. For example if you chose the VMMS16 model there would be a max. 8 tonne limit on the steerable section and 4 tonne on each trailing skate giving a maximum overall lifting capacity of 16 tonne.

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Model Capacity tonnes Set Includes Weight
VMMS8 8 4 tonne steering, 2 x 2 tonne trailing 31kg
VMMS16 16 8 tonne steering, 2 x 4 tonne trailing 76kg
VMMS24 24 12 tonne steering, 2 x 6 tonne trailing 103kg
VMMS32 32 16 tonne steering, 2 x 8 tonne trailing 132kg
VMMS36 36 18 tonne steering, 2 x 9 tonne trailing 190kg
VMMS48 48 24 tonne steering, 2 x 12 tonne trailing 260kg