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Viper roller crowbar

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Viper VRC Roller Crowbar

Viper VRC Roller Crowbar

Essentially a crowbar with wheels, the Viper VRC roller crowbar provides assistance when lifting and moving heavy loads.

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About the Viper VRC Roller Crowbar

Made from strong steel the Viper Roller Crow bar or pry bar makes light work of levering up heavy loads such as machinery.

They work very well as an accompaniment to load moving skates as they lever up the edge of the load to enable the insertion of the skates.

This simple yet effective roller pry bar incorporates steel wheels which are robust and run smoothly.

The long handle enables easy manoeuvrability and good leverage of the crowbar foot once positioned under the load.

There are 2 models in the VRC range of roller pry bars. The VRC3 has a 3 tonne capacity and the VRC5 has a 5 tonne lifting capacity.

More Load Moving Equipment

Whilst there are a couple of other pry bars similar to this one, Lifting Gear Direct has a great selection of load moving or machine skates to compliment this roller crowbar. The skates range from light duty to heavy duty options and individual skates or complete kits. We also supply skates to suit a range of budgets with the economy range or the high end Steerman skates selection.

Pallet trucks and scissor lift hydraulic tables are other types of load moving equipment you may wish to consider depending on your needs. Crane forks provide yet another option to lift heavy machinery.

Model Capacity A B C D D1 L I Weight
VRC3 3 tonne 1400mm 136mm 50mm 34mm 62mm 46mm 11mm 9kg
VRC5 5 tonne 1530mm 155mm 65mm 38mm 72mm 55mm 13mm 11kg
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