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Rpb roller pinch bar

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RPB Roller Pinch Bar

RPB Roller Pinch Bar

The Steerman RPB is a roller pinch bar which acts as a competitor to the RC roller crowbar from Raptor. It is available to order from Lifting Gear Direct and can be a big help when using load moving skates.

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Uses & specifications of the RPB Roller Pinch Bar

This type of load moving equipment can be incredibly effective if properly deployed, sliding beneath the edge of heavy loads and giving you the leverage to lift them up slightly so that load skates or jacks can be added for a more permanent support solution. 

In particular the Steerman RPB offers either 1.5 or 5 tonnes of WLL, so there are two models to suit several different operational requirements. 

While the capacities of the RPB range may be impressive, this does not mean that the bar itself is unwieldy. Indeed the integrated rollers make it easy to manoeuvre whether or not it is in use, while the build is overall light in weight. 

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