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Light duty load moving skates steerman lx

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 Light Duty Load Moving Skates - Steerman LX

Light Duty Load Moving Skates - Steerman LX

These are a light duty load moving skate now available to purchase from leading supplier Lifting Gear Direct at great prices. We have a good selection of load moving equipment and material handling solutions available.
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About the Steerman LX Light Duty Load Moving Skates 

If you need load moving skates that are inexpensive yet still eminently effective for lighter duty operations, the Steerman LX line up should have something to suite your requirements. They sit amongst a large line up of load moving equipment which can be ordered from Lifting Gear Direct

Core benefits

The LX load moving skates are a light duty option which feature a few of the following capabilities, including:

·         A 3-point load moving system which consists of a pair of rear skates and a steerable front skate with handle

·         The LX6 can move 6 tonnes & the LX12 can move 12 tonnes

·         Both models are available with steerable front systems complete with handle (models: LX6-F & LX12-F)

·         Both models are also available with adjustable alignment bars (models LX6-R & LX12-R)

·         6 models in total to choose from (see table)

·         A low cost option 

There are a range of other Steerman skates to consider if the capacities and features of the LX range do not meet expectations, including the SCS caterpillar load moving skates which can be ordered with WLLs of up to 60 tonnes. 

Whichever model you choose, check more than just the load capacity to ensure it is up to the task of taking on the cargo you expect to be carrying. Things like the weight of the skates themselves, which in the case of the LX range starts at 45kg and rises to 66kg, are relevant. 

Other models

Our material handling range which includes load moving equipment like the Steerman LX light duty skates is also home to a host of impressive alternative products. 

We stock and supply scissor lift tables for flexible handling of production lines, as well as pallet trucks which can make warehouse logistics management much easier to achieve. 

How to get in contact with us

You can reach LGD online by filling out our response form, or over the phone by calling 01384 76961. We reply quickly and accurately to all enquiries and also provide competitive quotes, no matter what you want to order.

Model Capacity (T) Number of wheels  Wheel diameter (mm) Load area front skate (mm) Load area rear skate x width (mm) Weight (KG)  Height (mm)
LX-6 6 12 85x90 310x255 300x250 45 115
LX-12 12 16 85x90 630x400 300x250 96 115
LX-6F 3 4 85x90 310x255 / 15 115
LX-12F 6 8 85x90 630x400 / 66 115
LX-6/12R 6 8 85x90 / 300x250 30 115