5000kg Heavy Duty Pallet Truck HP50S | 5 tonne pump truck

5000kg heavy duty pallet truck hp50s

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5000kg Heavy Duty Pallet Truck HP50S

5000kg Heavy Duty Pallet Truck HP50S

Aside from its 5000kg capacity, there are lots of additional features of this 5000KG heavy duty pallet truck that are worth shouting about. Check out our other pump truck models if this is not the right one for you.

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About the 5000KG Heavy Duty Pallet Truck

Lifting Gear Direct supplies a multitude of pallet truck products, including this heavy duty example with a load capacity of five tonnes and a number of other design perks that make it appealing for transporting larger loads. Other load moving equipment types can also be found on our website.

Facts & figures

The HP50S boasts across fork dimensions of 580x1150 millimetres, as well as a minimum and maximum fork height of 90mm and 200mm respectively. 

In total the truck itself tips the scales at 192kg unladen and benefits from a specialised hydraulic pump which is designed to provide a great mix of power and durability. Combined with super sturdy steel rollers, it is a breeze to use and require minimal effort to move some of the largest pallets around. 

Other material handling options

With such an extensive material handling equipment range, Lifting Gear Direct should be able to hook you up with the right pallet truck. 

We supply models from brands like Pfaff, with both manual and electrically powered pallet trucks on our site. 

You can also order more kit to make material handling less of a chore, with our scissor lift tables and load moving skate especially popular for this reason. 

Ask for advice and get quick quotes

LGD has a team of sales experts waiting to give you information on our pallet truck products and also advise on pricing, so call 01384 76961 or email us now.



5000kg heavy duty pallet truck HP50S dimensions