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2500kg pallet truck bf2500a

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2500kg Pallet Truck BF2500A

2500kg Pallet Truck BF2500A

The BF2500A pallet truck has 540mm x 1150mm forks, ideal for Euro pallets. Available at great prices from Lifting Gear Direct. We have a good range of pump truck and pallet trucks for sale at great prices.

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Part of our pallet truck range, the BF2500A is an effective, efficient option for shifting palletised loads in warehouses, factories and other commercial settings where you want to limit the risks of manual handling. 

Key spec rundown

 There are lots of other important facts and figures that this pump truck brings to the table to consider, including:

·         2500kg safe working load 

·         Fully hydraulic with lowering valve for controlled lowering. 

·         10 pump strokes to full height 

·         210° turning radius with double fork PU rollers. 

·         Overload by-pass valve for additional safety 

·         Fork width = 160mm with a gap between of 220mm 

·         Leak proof hydraulic system 

·         One of our most popular models. 

·         Available in other fork dimensions. 

Pallet truck benefits

There are lots of reasons to snap up a pallet truck like the BF2500A, chief amongst which is that of course this type of material handling product will make it less taxing to transport pallets from A to B in a working environment. 

With such a hefty WLL, it is impossible to argue that this model in particular would not allow you to streamline your operations and also lessen the physical strain that employees are put through as they go about their duties. 

Alternative options

The BF2500A is not the only pallet truck we can supply, as our site is home to a host of other options in this category. 

You can order Pfaff pallet trucks which take an actively powered approach to load manoeuvring, as well as choosing from models which have non-standard configurations to cope with specialised pallet types. Alternatively you may wish to browse our other types of load moving equipment.

Get in touch

Let Lifting Gear Direct help you work out whether the BF2500A is the right pallet truck for your needs by speaking to one of our specialists on 01384 76961 or sending us an email. We are happy to answer questions and provide quotes for any of your lifting equipment requirements.

2500kg Pallet Truck BF2500A dimensions