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Premium pallet truck scales hpt20s

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Premium Pallet Truck Scales HPT20s

Premium Pallet Truck Scales HPT20s

If you need to weigh palletised or similar loads on a regular basis then look no further, the HPT20S is a premium pallet truck scale with multiple functions and a 2000kg load capacity.

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About the Premium Pallet Truck Scales HPT20S

This high quality pump truck is designed not only to transport goods around but to weigh them as well.

Knowing the weight of your loads is extremely important when it comes to minimising the risk of accidents and injuries. It is no good putting a heavy load on a rack, shelf or vehicle if it can't take its weight, they could collapse and cause great harm. Evidently you also need to be aware of the maximum capacity of where you are putting the heavy loads.

The Premium pallet truck scales model HPT20S incorporates 4 load cells within the chassis for a high level of accuracy to the weight of the load. The backlit LCD display unit makes for easy reading of weights in lbs and/or kg, other functions include tare weight and totalling multiple load weights.

Powered by a 4000mAH battery you will get many hours of use and has the added bonus of being rechargeable so you won't have to keep buying batteries like with other models.

The wheels are made from tough polyurethane with front and rear being slightly different sizes. It is also worth noting that the front and rear axles have differing load limits but you can find out all the facts and figures including fork dimensions, lift heights and even ground clearance in the specification table above.

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Load weighing is a critical part in many industrial areas, warehouses and distribution centres. Pallet trucks with scales are commonly used in these areas because of their dual function of weighing and transporting goods. At Lifting Gear Direct we can supply a varied selection of quality weighing scale pallet trucks so there will undoubtedly be something to suit your requirements. Alternatively we supply tension load cells and crane scales for weighing suspended loads.

Model HPT20S
Load Capacity 2000kg
Accuracy 0.50%
no. of load cells 4
Load Centre 600mm
Wheel Base 1195mm
Weight 94kg
Axle Loading, laden front/rear 616/1478kg
Axle loading unladen front/rear 62/32kg
Wheels polyurethane
Wheel size front (steering wheel) 180x50mm
Wheel size (load wheel) 74x70mm
Lowest Height 85mm
Lift Height 115mm
Elevated Height 200mm
Overall Length 1569mm
Length to face of forks 417mm
Width across forks 557mm
Fork dimensions 1150x182x50mm
Ground Clearance (centre of wheel base) 26mm
Aisle width for pallets 1000x1200mm 1833mm
Aisle width for pallets 800x1200mm 1833mm
Turning radius 1346mm
Battery capacity 4000mAH