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Stainless steel pallet truck scale

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Stainless Steel Pallet Truck Scale PT400

Stainless Steel Pallet Truck Scale PT400

This stainless steel pallet truck scale PT400 model is IP67 rated and are suitable for use in food and chemical industries as well as breweries and wet and humid environments. It has a handling capacity of 2000kg so can cope most every day loads with ease.

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About the Stainless Steel Pallet Truck Scale PT-400

Because this weighing pallet truck is made from stainless steel and IP67 rated it is extremely easy to wash down (not hosed off) and keep clean without fear of rusting. This means that is is great for use within the food industry where hygiene is of the upmost importance. The load cells used for the weighing application are rated at IP68 and are therefore fully waterproof and suitable for harsher conditions.

The pallet scales are powered by a 7.2 volt internal battery which is re-chargeable. On a single charge you will get more than 40 hours of constant usage time so it will last for days at a time before recharging is needed.

The dimensions of the PT400 stainless pump truck scale are 1570mm x 545mm x 730mm. Pallets of different sizes can be handled including Euro pallets. It has a range of functions including Zero, Tare and a pre-set tare. Loads of up to 2000kg can be weighed in 0.5kg graduations, data is easy to read from the LED display unit.

Other Pump Trucks With Scales

Should you not require a stainless steel option, which are usually more costly, Lifting Gear Direct can offer a great choice of other weighing scale pallet pump trucks with more cost effective options and some with built in printers to enable easy logging of your load data. All our trucks have capacities of 2000kg but fork sizes and other specifications vary across the range. If you don't really need the weighing aspect then an even cheaper option would be a standard pallet truck of which we have a great selection. Compare the products to find your best option and get in touch for help or to place an order.

Model PT 400
Capacity/graduations 2000kg/0.5kg
Dimensions 1570 x 545 x 730mm
Battery Life 40 + hours (continual use)
Power Supply 7.2V Internal Rechargeable Battery
Functions Zero, Tare, pre-set tare
Weight 136kg
Loadcell Rating IP68
Scale Waterproof rating IP67
Material Stainless Steel