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Weighing pallet truck pt series

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Weighing Pallet Truck PT Series

Weighing Pallet Truck PT Series

The PT series of weighing pallet trucks has 3 models with a 2000kg capacity, and two incorporate a printer. Transport and weigh your loads at the same time with the PT500, PT600 or PT700 weighing pump trucks.

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Differences in the Weighing Pallet Truck PT series

There are minimal differences between the models within this collection. Only the PT600 & PT700 have a printer, not the PT500. Also only the PT700 model is trade approved and therefore is suitable if you are weighing loads chargeable by weight. Graduation increments are another minor difference, the 500 & 600 have 0.5kg and the 700 has a 1kg increment. Other than these all the specifications are exactly the same for each model.

Features of the PT Weighing Scale Pump Trucks

These weighing pallet trucks in the PT series enable quick weighing and transportation of palletised loads. They can also be used for the steel mesh baskets too. The trucks are manufactured from quality mild steel and can handle loads up to 2000kg. They have easy to read displays with 32mm red LED's. The display can be toggled in lbs or kgs and has the useful Tare function as well as zero and hold functions. Another great function is accumulation which enables you to add up a number of weights which can be invaluable during vehicle loading to ensure weight limits are not exceeded.

If you would like a hard copy of the weight information for record keeping purposes or to attach to the load for easy identification then the PT600 or PT700 models would be of great benefit thanks to the onboard printer function. The print out can include both net and gross weights, the tare weight and the accumulation weight when in counting mode.

You will get around 40 hours of continual use from a single charge, often more! The long life is helped by the auto-power off mode and screen saver function which kick in after about ten minutes if the truck is not used within this time. Other specifications and dimensions can be found in the specifications above.

More Industrial Weighing Devices

Understanding the importance of determining the weight of a load you are going to handle is paramount to health and safety. Once you know the load's weight you will know if the equipment you are using or the location where the load will be placed can handle the weight. Many weighty loads are delivered on a wooden pallet. The easiest way to move these palletised loads around is with a pretty standard pallet truck; however if you need to know the actual weight of each load then a pallet truck with weighing scales would be a great option, there are even models to print out your load information.

If you need to ascertain the weight of a suspended load then either a crane scale or a load cell would do the trick. Lifting Gear Direct can supply all of the above at the most competitive price around so get in touch today.

Model PT500 PT600 PT700
Capacity 2000kg 2000kg 2000kg
Printer No Yes Yes
Graduation 0.5kg 0.5kg 1kg
Dimensions 1470 x 545 x 730mm 1470 x 545 x 730mm 1470 x 545 x 730mm
Gap between forks 220mm 220mm 220mm
Power Internal Rechargeable battery Internal Rechargeable battery Internal Rechargeable battery
Battery Life 40+ hours (continuous use) 40+ hours (continuous use) 40+ hours (continuous use)
Weight 125kg 125kg 125kg
Functions Weight, Zero, Tare, Hold, Auto-off, Accumulation, Count Weight, Zero, Tare, Hold, Auto-off, Accumulation, Count Zero, Tare, Hold, Accumulation, Auto-off
Ground Clearance 78mm 78mm 78mm
Trade Approved No No Yes