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Rc roller crowbar

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RC Roller Crowbar

RC Roller Crowbar

There are many Raptor products available here at Lifting Gear Direct, including the RC roller crowbar which sits amongst our economy load moving skate line up. Find out about what it can do and which kit it works well with right here.
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About the Raptor RC Roller Crowbar

The Raptor RC is a heavy duty roller crowbar and with its long tubular bar it gives much greater leverage. 

Ideal for positioning packing cases and pallets as well as small machinery onto load moving skates or other load moving equipment. 

There are actually two different versions of the Raptor RC to consider, each of which has its own maximum capacity to consider, even if the dimensions and lifting height remain the same at 2000mm and 145mm respectively. 

The lighter duty model has a 1.5 tonne capacity and weighs in at just 14kg, while the heavier duty alternative has a 5 tonne WLL and tips the scales at 35kg. 

As the name suggests, this is no normal crowbar, as it actually features a pair of rollers positioned at the fulcrum. This means that it can not only be used as a lever to apply pressure and lift loads but also offers the ability to move across a flat surface while under load. 

Associated products

If you are looking into the Raptor RC roller crowbar, you will probably be in need of other material handling equipment to go along with it. 

Its suitability for use with load moving skates means that it can be paired with products like the ST and SF, also made by Raptor. Be sure to take capacities into account when looking at any lifting equipment to avoid taking unnecessary risks. 

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Model Capacity Lift Height O/All Size Weight
RC15 1,500Kgs 145mm 2000mm 14Kgs
RC50 5,000Kgs 145mm 2000mm 35Kgs