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Hydraulic furniture mover

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Hydraulic Furniture Mover

Hydraulic Furniture Mover

Having trouble moving large and/or heavy furniture? If the answer is yes then this hydraulic furniture mover could be the answer. The GTFM furniture mover from our load moving range can be used for loads up to 1800kg in weight and 4 metres in length.

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About the GTFM Furniture Mover

The GTFM furniture mover has been designed for moving larger pieces of furniture like sideboards and large cabinets and other large rectangular objects. It comes in two parts with securing straps to connect them together. The main steering part is positioned under one end of the furniture (narrowest part) with the base and side resting firmly against the frame of the mover.

The second part is then placed at the other end, the weight of the furniture will hold them in position. Then you will need to connect the two parts with the securing strap, It needs to de under direct tension with the straps not pulling against the load. If the furniture protrudes out of the sides then additional strapping must be used and fed through strap loops on the units. The maximum overhang must be no more than 200mm. This will hold the two frames and furniture in position for the moving process.

The steering handle can be moved through 180 degrees thus movement in every direction is possible.

The platform is lined with rubber to protect the load and is raised by the hydraulic system. Using the hydraulic pump to raise the load and twisting the manual release valve to lower it again means operation is smooth and straight forward.

When using this equipment you should make sure the furniture is strong enough to support its weight at the two opposite sides as there is no middle ground support.

Both platforms should be raised at the same time to no more than 2cm from the ground. Always push the platforms, never pull. Take great care when moving sideways as large items can become unstable and tilt over.

Other Load Moving Ideas

This mover is great for large cabinets and such like, but sometimes you need to move machinery and other types of loads. Our range of load moving skates may be an option for you to consider. There are a number of choices available from a simple roller crow bar to a full kit, some even have caterpillar tracks and/or turntables to enable full control of movement. We have an economy range for a more cost effective solution or our brand leader Steerman skates range for the best you can buy.

Browse all the options before making your choice and then get in touch or buy online.

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