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Caterpillar load moving skates steerman scs

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Caterpillar Load Moving Skates - Steerman SCS

Caterpillar Load Moving Skates - Steerman SCS

Available in three different load capacity configurations, the SCS caterpillar load moving skates from Steerman are hard wearing, adaptable and ideal for shifting equipment, cargo and materials that would be too heavy to handle by other means.
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 Features of the SCS Caterpillar Load Moving Skates

SCS models offer a complete load moving system complete with its own wheeled, lockable steel case. 

  •         Numerous components including caterpillar tracks and turntables
  •         Modular design to allow simple connection of the units
  •          20; 30- and 60-ton capacity models available
  •          A robust system of professional build quality


Load moving skates like those in the Steerman SCS range make sense because of the improvements to efficiency and safety they can offer in various contexts. The modularity of this range in particular is appealing because it gives you more flexibility and means that you are not forced to put up with a single configuration. 

More products to consider

Once you have taken a look at the technical specifications of the SCS skates, found in detail in the table below, you should be able to assess whether or not they are right for you. 

The good news is that Lifting Gear Direct has load moving equipment of many other types, including skates from rival brands like Raptor, pallet trucks for easy manoeuvring of palletised loads and scissor lift tables to give you even more options in factories, workshops and warehouses. 

All of the products we stock are of a high quality and are fully tested, complying with relevant standards where necessary while boasting cost-effective pricing. 

Ordering with LGD

We can provide a quote or take your order on the fly if you give us a call direct on 01384 76961. It is also easy to email LGD and get a quick reply when you use our contact form on our site.


System Capacity Model Roller diameter Skate dimensions LxWxH Overall height with turntable/packing attached Boxed weight 
20t SCS-20 18 205x100x68 108mm 50KG
30t SCS-30 24 216x112x70 114mm 58KG
60t SCS-60 30 267x128x90 140mm 92KG