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Steerman steerable load moving skates lfl

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Steerman Steerable Load Moving Skates – LFL

Steerman Steerable Load Moving Skates – LFL

The Steerman LFL series of load moving skates are steerable and comes in 2 model choices with safe working loads of 1000kg.


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About the Steerman Steerable Load Moving Skates – LFL

These steerable load moving skates from Steerman enable you to steer the load thanks to the swivelling steerable wheels, unlike the fixed wheel variety which are more difficult to steer and manoeuvre around corners.

These maintenance free machine skates are easy to use and can be used individually or combine with other skates to fulfil your load moving requirements and are perfect for medium/heavy loads.

There are two models available in this steerable load moving machine skates range. Firstly the LFL1-2 model which incorporates 4 wheels, two of which swivel and therefore steerable.

Secondly the LFL1-4 model which incorporates four swivel, steerable wheels.

Obviously the models with 4 swivelling wheels will be even easier to steer than the 2 swivel wheel option.

Key Features of the LFL Steerable Machine Skates

Forged from solid steel for strength and durability the LFL skates are pretty much maintenance free. They incorporate a rubber covering on the top to provide an anti-slip platform. This ensures the skates will stay in place under the load and will not slip out as they are moved around.

All wheels are made from an abrasion resistant nylon material for smooth gilding and floor protection.

More Machine Skates

Machine skates are a great way of moving heavy machinery, furniture or other loads around with minimal fuss. Lifting Gear Direct can supply a wide range of load moving skates to suit a variety of needs. There is a selection from Steerman as well as models from other manufacturers in the economy range enabling you to compare specifications and prices. There are also a few complete kits which include steering handles for easier manual handling.

Model Capacity Wheels Swivel Wheel Diameter Fixed Wheel Diameter Dimensions Weight
LFL 1-2 1000kg 2 x fixed 2 x steerable 75 x 46 mm 100 x 35mm 430 x 340 x 120 mm 7kg
LFL 1-4 1000kg 4 x steerable 75 x 46 mm 100 x 35mm 430 x 340 x 120 mm 14kg
LFL 2-4 2000kg 4 x steerable 80 x 40 mm 100 x 35mm 430 x 400 x 130mm 20kg