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Viper 360 machine skates

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Viper 360 Machine Skates – VRS

Viper 360 Machine Skates – VRS

The Viper 360 rotating load moving skates comes in two models with 3 or 5 wheels which fully rotate for easy directional moving. 2 or 4 tonne capacities.

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About the Viper 360 Machine Skates – VRS

The 360 degree rotating wheels on these machine moving skates enable the movement of loads in all directions, needing minimal effort.

They have the added bonus of a turntable on the top platform which incorporates bearings for easy manoeuvring of the load. This help greatly with load positioning on the skates.

The wheels also incorporate bearings to ensure easy rolling. The wheels are made from polyurethane which helps to minimise floor damage.

Each skate incorporates a couple of grab handles to help with the placement under the load. However there is the option of a long handle (not included as standard) which fits onto the skate in order to make positioning and steering much easier. Without the handle it is pushing on the load itself which moves the skates and therefore the load around.

The two models in this range are the VRS2 which has 3 wheels and a maximum capacity of 2 tonnes; the VFR4 possesses 5 wheels and has a capacity limit of 4 tonnes so both models can be used for pretty heavy loads.

Tips for using load moving skates

It is important when using load moving skates that the load is stable and will not tip, therefore the positioning of the skates under the load is vitally important. Depending on the size of the load more than one skate may be required, they do not necessarily need to be the same type.

Getting the load onto the skates in the first place can be problematic, especially for larger and/or heavier loads. This can be made much easier with the use of a roller crowbar. These have a very slim edge which can be pushed under the edge of the load to pry it up just enough to get the skates under.

Lifting Gear Direct have a few roller crowbar options for you to choose from should you require this option. You will find them in the main load moving skates category along with a wide range of other machine skates from different manufacturers such as Steerman, or we have an economy collection to better suit your budget.

MODEL Capacity A B C D E F G Weight

tonne mm mm mm mm mm mm mm kgs
VRS2 2 416 526 105.5 120.7 27 88
VRS4 4 250 676.2 105.5 122.2
91 547.34 39
 viper 360 VRS machine skates specifications