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Fork lift sleeve extensions

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Fork Lift Sleeve Extensions

Fork Lift Sleeve Extensions

We stock forklift attachments from various brands and with various functions here at Lifting Gear Direct, including forklift sleeves of several varieties. Find out all about forklift sleeves right here.

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Design benefits of the Fork Lift Sleeve Extensions

The contact FEX Forklift sleeves serve a variety of purposes, according to their dimensions as well as the materials they are made of. 

Primarily you might pick up a forklift sleeve in order to get added protection for the loads you are handling with your truck, reducing the likelihood of damage being done by the bare metal of the forks themselves. 

You can also invest in forklift sleeves if you want to improve lift truck safety, since they can give you more grip and thus allow for awkward loads to be handled more reliably. 

Brand options & more

Our material handling line up is extensive and our forklift sleeves alone include products from well known manufacturers such as Contact. 

If you are looking for other compatible products for forklift truck enhancement, you can also order hook attachment, extensions, jib arms and even tipping skips right here on our site. 

LGD can even supply lifting equipment and height safety gear to aid your organisation in whatever challenges it might face. 

Ask us for help

We are ready and raring to give you advice, product info and quotes for our forklift sleeves and our other products and services, so email our experts or call us on 01384 76961.



Model Ref To Suit Fork Width       (mm) Extension Length    (mm) Max Fork Section   (mm)
FEX100-1500 100 1500 100 x 50
FEX100-1650 100 1650 100 x 50
FEX100-1800 100 1800 100 x 50
FEX100-2000 100 2000 100 x 50
FEX125-1500 125 1500 125 x 50
FEX125-1650 125 1650 125 x 50
FEX125-1800 125 1800 125 x 50
FEX125-2000 125 2000 125 x 50
FEX150-1800 150 1800 150 x 60
FEX150-2000 150 2000 150 x 60