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Forklift fork bumper

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FBB Forklift Fork Bumper

FBB Forklift Fork Bumper

 The FFB fork bumper acts as a load buffer and is fitted to the upright fork section for protection against damage that can be caused by contact with the rear fork.

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About the FFB Forklift Fork Bumper

Manufactured in pressed steel these forklift fork bumpers or fork buffers fit to the front face face of the upright fork section. They are held in place with securing screw pins. This pressed steel frame holds a plasticised, heavy duty padded foam buffer to protect loads from direct contact with the rear upright forks.

When a forklift truck is driven forwards to pick up a load, if not done at a slow steady pace the load can make contact with the metal rear fork upright which can cause damage to the load. These FFB fork bumpers offer great protection, not only to the load but also to the rear section of the forks.

They ensure that the load is kept clear of the fork shank and carriage offering vital protection for more delicate loads.

The FFB Fork Buffers are CE marked and come with a certificate of conformity to comply with health and safety regulations. There are 3 different sizes available. It would be ideal if you let us know the width, thickness, length and height of protection required in order to provide you with the correct product.

More Forklift Protection Devices & Other Attachments

Forklift trucks are common place in many industrial settings and can be used in numerous ways to lift and move heavy loads. However they are a costly piece of equipment so by using some form of protection you can help to protect your truck from damage and enhance its working life. Lifting Gear Direct has a collection of fork protection products which can help to protect the forks as well as the loads you will be lifting. Coated steel sleeves like the FPS are extremely durable whilst the FSS webbing sleeves provide a softer surface for more fragile objects. Our MFC magnetic covers are rubber coated and therefore give a great grip as well as protection.

We can also supply a wide range of attachments for your forklift to aid in the lifting of different types of loads. For example you could turn your truck into a small crane with a Jib arm attachment or suspend loads under the forks with a hook attachment. Attachments for handling drums are also available from our vast selection.

Browse the full collection to find out all we have to offer at the best possible prices.

Model To Suit Fork Width To Suit Fork Thickness
FBB 100x50 100mm 50mm
FBB 125x50 125mm 50mm
FBB 150x60 150mm 60mm