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FPS fork protection sleeves

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FPS Fork Protection Sleeves

FPS Fork Protection Sleeves

The FPS fork protection sleeve offers full fork protection whilst preventing damage to your loads. They minimise steel on steel contact and can eliminate the instances of scratching and marking to painted surfaces and damage to more delicate loads.

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About the FPS Fork Protection Sleeve

Made from high quality 8mm thick steel and finished with a bonded 3mm polyurethane coating. It is this coating which provides the protection and is hard wearing and highly durable. For added strength to the sleeves extra 5mm plates have been added to the internal section.

The end of the sleeve for the fork toe is a fully formed profile with a strengthening end cap. The chiselled shape enables the forks to slide easily in and out of pallet pockets and because the protective coating covers this toe area as well, pallets, forks and loads are more protected.

The FPS forklift fork protectors are quick and easy to fit. Simply slide onto the forks and the fixed retaining bar securely holds it to the forks. If the length is over 2000mm then retaining pins will be used.

Made to ISO 13284 British Standard and to comply with health and safety a certificate of conformity is supplied and the fork sleeve is CE marked so you can be assured of high quality.

There are 8 sizes to choose from to suit a wide range of fork widths between 100-150mm and lengths from 1220-1830mm. Please refer to the specification table to find the appropriate size.

Other Forklift Protectors

Lifting Gear Direct can supply protective equipment for your forklift truck. Perfect when you want to protect your load and enhance the longevity of your forks. We can offer sleeves made from polyester webbing as well as rubber coated metal with a magnetic bottom. Fork bumpers can also be purchased to add extra protection to the rear uprights of the forks and the loads.

In addition to these protective fork covers we have a great range of forklift attachments to aid in the lifting of a variety of loads including drums and barrels. So if you have access to a forklift truck why not take a look at what we can offer, enhance your truck, aid your lifting operations and increase productivity in a cost efficient way.

Model Overall Sleeve Length Overall sleeve Width Maximum Fork Width To Suit Fork Length
FPS 100-1300 1300mm 144mm 100mm 1220mm
FPS !00-1600 1600mm 144mm 100mm 1525mm
FPS 125-1300 1300mm 169mm 125mm 1220mm
FPS 125-1600 1600mm 169mm 125mm 1525mm
FPS 125-1900 1900mm 169mm 125mm 1830mm
FPS 150-1300 1300mm 194mm 150mm 1220mm
FPS 150-1600 1600mm 194mm 150mm 1525mm
FPS 150-1900 1900mm 194mm 150mm 1830mm