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Tipping skip economy dtec dts 1250

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Tipping Skip - Economy DtEC DTS 1250

Tipping Skip - Economy DtEC DTS 1250

The DTS 1250 is a 2 way entry tipping skip with a load rating of 2000kg and a 1250 litre capacity.
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Part of our forklift attachment family, this tipping skip from DtEC mixes affordability with ample performance and durability to allow for ample convenience and efficiency in a number of operational contexts. 

Facts & figures of the Dtec DTS 1250 Tipping Skip

The DTS 1250 is a 2 way entry tipping skip with a load rating of 2000kg and a 1250 litre capacity. 

Manufactured from 3mm plate steel and incorporates a reinforced angled top. 


·         Fork pockets for easy mounting. 1- or 2-way entry available

·         Safety retaining chain and safety catch

·         Tip handles

·         Self return and auto-reset mechanism 

In terms of its physical dimensions, the DTS 1250 from DtEC is 1770mm in length, 1320mm in width and 1100mm in height. Checking out the images and diagrams on this page should give you a good idea of how it is configured and designed to allow for safe use in combination with a variety of lift trucks. 

Similar models

DtEC makes several tipping skips for forklift trucks, with the DTS 1250 being just one option. You can also find the more compact DTS 750 on our site, with its 750 litre capacity and its 1400kg WLL, for example. 

This manufacturer is also responsible for more specialised models, like the Teleskip. As the name suggests, this product is built for use in conjunction with a telehandler rather than a standard forklift, expanding your options for lifting and lowering even further. 

Alongside DtEC’s products, you can find tipping skips for forklifts from the likes of Contact, all supplied by Lifting Gear Direct. 

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Attachments for forklifts, such as jib arms and extensions, are just one element of what we provide at LGD. 

Also on our site you will encounter lifting equipment, material handling gear and height safety products

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Model Length Width Height 
DTS 1250 1770mm 1320mm 1100mm