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Tipping skip economy dtec 1750

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Tipping Skip - economy DtEC 1750

Tipping Skip - economy DtEC 1750

The DTS 1750 tipping skip has a capacity of 1750 litres and a SWL of 2000kg. Easily fitted to a fork lift truck.
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Part of our tipping skip line up, the DTS 1750 is one of several high quality, low cost products from DtEC that should suit various material handling operations where efficiency and productivity are as important as safety. 

Technical details

The DTS 1750 tipping skip has a capacity of 1750 litres and a SWL of 2000kg. 

KEY FEATURES of the Tipping Skip - economy DtEC 1750

·         3mm plate steel hopper with reinforced angle rim

·         1 or 2 way entry system available to enable front or side forklift mounting

·         Safety catch

·         Safety retaining chain

·         Net weight 295kg (2 way)

·         Tip handle

·         Self return and auto reset mechanisms 

There are other models in the economy range of tipping skips from DtEC, including the smaller DTS 1250 and 750 units which offer 1250 litres and 750 litres of capacity respectively. 

Select the model which has suitable dimensions for your needs and also take into account the maximum load limit of each model to avoid making the wrong choice. 

Attachments for forklifts

Lifting Gear Direct can supply forklift attachments to enhance existing trucks, with tipping skips being just one of the options available from our site. 

We have jib arms for crane-style lifting and load moving. We have extensions to let forklifts tackle larger sized objects more easily. We even have hook attachments that can quickly convert a truck into a capable gantry system alternative.

 Lifting equipment galore

The other thing we specialise in here at LGD is lifting equipment, with our line up of high quality products managing to squeeze in almost every conceivable type of solution you might require, regardless of the scale of your operations. 

From high capacity hoists to load restraints and beyond, we cater to all industries and customers. 

Let us help out

You do not need to order without all the information to hand when you get in touch with LGD’s experts via email or with a call to 01384 76961.

Model Length Width Height 
DTS 1750 1770mm 1320mm 1280mm