Delta dts electric hoist

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Delta DTS Electric Hoist

Delta DTS Electric Hoist

The Delta DTS electric hoist is robust and reliable thus perfect for industrial applications. Capacities up to 5000kg available all with 6 metres height of lift and double speed operation as standard. Reliable Siemens relay contactors and easy access make maintenance easy.

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Key Features of the Delta DTS Electric Hoist

The Delta DTS electric chain hoist is larger than the compact DEH hoist but has bigger lifting capabilities. The top capacity supplied by Lifting Gear Direct is currently 5000kg or 5 tonne. The main housing is made from aluminium and easy to disassemble for maintenance tasks.

The dual speeds of the Delta DTS electric hoist make it suitable for vast array of industrial lifting operations where reliability is key. The control system uses Siemens relay contactors. Each contactor can be removed individually to be swapped out for a new one should the need arise.

The transmission system is permanently lubricated so operation is consistently smooth and quieter. The DTS incorporates a slipping clutch which provides protection from overloading, this can be accessed externally for easy adjustment when needed. The brake system will hold the load firm, even in the unfortunate event of a power outage, this is thanks to the spring pressure brake which is electro-magnetic.

Limit switches are provided for both upper and lower areas, these are electro-mechanical and offer great protection from unwanted excess movement in both directions, up and down. In addition there is a quality chain buffer above the load hook for even more protection.

The motor on the DTS hoist incorporates a heat sensor which will help to prevent motor burn out should the temperature get too high.

Delta DTS electric hoist features

Delta DTS Hoist Plug and Play

Easy plug & play connections ensure the Delta DTS electric chain hoist is easy to set up and use, whilst also enabling certain components to be easily switched out. For example the hook suspension could be swapped for a trolley or perhaps the pendant could be swapped for a radio remote control system. Pendants come with an emergency stop button so that if a lifting operation becomes dangerous the power can be swiftly cut to prevent accidents.

Chain collectors come as standard to safely hold the 6 metres of RUD chain provided, longer lengths can be supplied on request.

Delta hoists comply with all the necessary standards including the machinery directive 2006/42/EC and are supplied with CE declaration of conformity, test certificate and operating instructions.

Other Delta Hoists

Should you require the Delta DTS discussed above with a trolley instead of the hook suspension then Lifting Gear Direct can offer a choice of push travel or power drive trolleys. The other option to consider is the Delta DEH electric hoist, this is the latest, premium hoist which is more compact and many upgraded components. With safe working loads up to 2000kg available and a choice of suspension hook or complete with a push or powered trolley you are sure to find a Delta lifting hoist to suit your requirements.

Alternatively you could compare these Delta hoists with similar electric hoists from other brand names. If you would like any help with your choice or need an up to date price comparison then just get in touch.

DTS Hoist Takeaway Specifics

The specifications tab is the place to go for the full tech details but here are the key features for you to take away.

  • Safe working loads up to 5000kg / 5 tonne

  • 6 metres height of lift

  • Dual speeds

  • Highly reliable Siemens contactors.

  • Aluminium housing.

  • Slip clutch for overload protection.

  • Electro magnetic pressure brake

  • Upper & lower limit switches.

  • Chain buffer

  • Heat sensors.

DTS Hoist Dimensions (mm)
Model A B C D E F H J K
DTS250 307 307 214 80 142 102 460 40 25
DTS500 334 307 214 80 142 102 470 40 25
DTS1000 354 307 214 80 142 102 520 45 31
DTS2000 354 307 214 80 185 59 760 53 38
DTS3000 481 336 260 80 185 165 695 53 38
DTS5000 481 336 260 80 240 110 910 75 52

Delta DTS electric hoist dimensions

Model Capacity Lifting Speed Load Chain Chain Falls Power Output Net Weight Extra Weight

kg m/min Ø x mm
kW kg kg/m
DTS250 250 7/2.3 5 x 15 1 0.45/0.15 50 0.7
DTS500 500 7.6/2.5 6.3 x 19 1 0.9/0.3 51 0.9
DTS1000 1000 5/1.7 8 x 24 1 1.1/.037 57 1.5
DTS2000 2000 2.5/0.85 8 x 24 2 1.1/0.37 64 3
STS3000 3000 6/2 11.2 x 34 1 3/1 116 2.7
DTS5000 5000 3/1 11.2 x 34 2 3/1 130 5.4
Operating Voltage 400-440V / 50Hz / 3Ph
Lifting Speed Double Speed
Load Chain Load chain according to EN 818-7-DAT/DT
Control Cable Standard 6 metre
Power Cable 1 metre without plug
Housing Protection IP55
Control Protection IP65
Classification M5/2m (ISO/FEM)
Duty Cycle/Starts per hour 40% / 240
Insulation Class F
Operating Temperature -10º - +40º C

Control Switch 24V pendant control with emergency stop
Overload Protection Externally adjustable slip clutch
Brake Electro-magnetic spring pressure brake to hold load if power fails
Limit Switch Electro-mechanical upper and lower limit switch
Thermal Protection Heat sensor protected