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Drum stand raptor da30

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Drum Stand Raptor DA30

Drum Stand Raptor DA30

This drum stand is a type of drum truck which provides leverage to drums to lay them back in order to transport, tip, rotate or store steel drums.
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Properties of the Drum Stand DA30

The DA30 drum stand or trolley can be used to tip a drum from vertical to horizontal; transport and deposit it elsewhere in a vertical position. The truck/trolley consists of a frame with two small forks, 4 wheels, a drum locking hook/catch, 4 drum rollers and 2 telescopic oak handles.

The two lower wheels are fixed whilst the two rear wheels are swivelling castors which enables easier movement and steering.  The wooden oak handles provide comfort for the user whilst enabling good leverage to tilt the drum into position. This Drum stand is suitable for use with steel drums, 15, 30 & 55 gallon drums can be handled with the truck having a 275kg capacity.

Using the DA30 Drum Stand

Operation of the DA30 drum truck is straight forward, simply slide the two bottom forks under the drum and place the hook over the top rim to hold firmly in place. Extend the telescopic handles to provide good leverage. Now the stand can be tilted backwards, this is accomplished easier if you place a foot on the lower axle whilst pulling back on the handles, re-position your foot onto the top axle if necessary to completely tilt backwards so the drum is now in a horizontal position.

When the drum is horizontal it is possible to rotate it thanks to the 4 rollers on the cradle; this can be really helpful with mixing materials or emptying the drum. Using the handles and castors the drum can be transported easily on this carrier / stand.

When you no longer need the drum stand the handles can be retracted into the frame and it can be placed into storage until it is required again.

Other Drum Trucks and Drum Handling Methods

 Lifting Gear Direct is proud of their extensive collection of drum handling equipment which are supplied at great prices. We have over 15 different types of drum trucks with new model added all the time. We have trucks for pallet loading, lorry loading, trucks to lift, rotate and transport different types of drums and also some hydraulic drum trucks for easier operation.

If you need to lift drums completely then take a look at our fork lift truck attachments, drum tongs and grabs for your perfect drum lifting solution.

Once you have made your choice you can use the request a quote function, email us or call us on 01384 76961. Help and advice can be given by our experienced team if you require it.

Model Capacity (Kgs) To Suit Drum Drum Size Weight
DA30 275 Steel 210 Litre 30Kgs