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Drum emptying truck raptor hd80a

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Drum Emptying Truck Raptor HD80A

Drum Emptying Truck Raptor HD80A

This highly versatile drum emptying truck can not only raise a drum but it can also rotate and tilt the drums for easy emptying. What s more it can also aid in the mixing of different substances.
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Key Features of the Drum Emptying Truck HD80A

There are two fixed wheels at the front and one swivel castor to the rear of the HD80A drum emptying truck which enable it to be moved around with minimal effort. When the drum is securely attached it can be locked into a vertical or horizontal position; when it is unlocked the drum can be fully rotated, over and over which is great for helping to mix or agitate the contents as well as emptying the last little bits which won’t be discharged in a horizontal position.

How to Use the Drum Emptying Truck HD80A

This particular drum truck grabs drums around the middle rather than the top rim. To clamp the drum simply guide the truck up to the drum whilst pulling the location levers (10) on the main handle (4) to raise and lower the cradle. Position the supporting hoop/cradle (3) around the centre of the drum then release the location levers (10) to lock into position. To fully secure the drum you can now turn the fastening lever (6) anti-clockwise so the teeth are upturned. Now fasten the chain (7) around the drum, inserting it into the groove on the fastening lever (6), now turn the lever clockwise to tighten and lock the chain around the drum, and ensure it is securely locked by the pawl.

To raise/lift the drum you simply press down on the main handle (4), when released the drum will lock into this position. Now you can transport the drum to where it is needed.

To rotate the drum, first you need to ensure the drum clears ground height.  On the side of the cradle there is a locating pin (5), when ready you need to disengage the pin, then you can manually turn the drum by hand. You can re-insert the pin into the corresponding hole to lock the drum into its rotated position.

If the cradle can’t be aligned to the correct height or the drum can’t be lifted to height required, you can adjust the height of the lifting arm by relocating to the appropriate adjustment holes (12/13).

To release a drum you need to ensure it is in a vertical position, and then adjust the height using the main handle and location levers. When the drum rests on the ground, release the levers; now you can turn the fastening lever clockwise to release the chain, hook the chain back out of the way on the hook (17) then move the truck away from the drum.

This product is supplied partly assembled, to save space and cost; therefore some assembly will be required, full instructions supplied.

Contacting Lifting Gear Direct

When you are ready to contact LGD about this drum truck or any of our other drum handling equipment you can call us on 01384 76961 or email us from the rapid enquiry form or contact page. Quick quotations can be obtained by selecting the request a quote option.

Model Capacity (Kgs) Dimensions Height Dimensions Drum Size Weight
HD80A 364 450mm 210 Litre (55 Gallon) 572mm Dia 50Kgs