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Hydraulic drum truck low profile wa30b

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Hydraulic Drum Truck (low profile) WA30B

Hydraulic Drum Truck (low profile) WA30B

This hydraulic high lift drum truck WA30B also has a low profile and makes it perfect for loading and unloading lorries.
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Using the High Lift Drum Truck WA30B

This easy to use drum lifter uses a gator grab style clamp to grip a steel drum from its top rim. The WA30B has a top lifting height of 805mm and can lift 210 litre steel drums; the maximum lifting capacity is 300 kg.

To use the high lift drum truck, simply position it close to the drum and using the foot pedal, pump the gator grab until it is above drum height. Now re-position the truck so the grab can be clamped to the drum rim, ensure you apply the brake to prevent unwanted movement whilst fitting the drum.

Once the drum is firmly grabbed the drum can be transported; after you have released the brake you can steer the truck using the handles on the main mast, ensure the drum is raised off the ground but kept as low as possible whilst moving it around to ensure optimum stability.

When the required location is reached the drum can be lifted to the required height using the foot pedal and loaded onto the back of a truck, pallet or shelving.

To release the drum you will need to slowly rotate/loosen the descending valve, this will lower the drum to the ground in a controlled manner, with the grab releasing the drum when ground contact is made. Always remember to re-tighten the descending valve ready for next use.

Maintenance is fairly simply for the WA30B drum truck, regular checks and periodic thorough inspections will ensure there are no issues or defects which could affect its use. The hydraulic fluid should be changed after about 20 working hours from new, and then every 300 working hours or 18 months after that.

Other Drum and Barrel Lifting Equipment

There are many ways to lift and transport drums and barrels; drum trucks are commonly used around warehouse type facilities, and there are types to handle the drums in different ways. Increasingly popular are attachments for fork lift trucks which simply slide onto the forks; again there are many types available to manipulate drums in a variety of ways. There are also specific drum lifting tongs and grabs which are usually slung from a hoist or crane hook.

Whatever your drum handling requirements Lifting Gear Direct can help, take a look at our extensive range of drum handling equipment where you should find the correct type for your needs. We can also supply most other types of lifting equipment to suit many lifting applications, so whether you need some hoisting equipment or a bespoke jib crane or mobile gantry system you have come to the right place.

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Hydraulic Drum Truck (low profile) WA30B dimensions

Model WA30B
Suitable for drum diameter (mm) 572
Capacity (KG) 300
Front wheel diameter d (mm) 64
Rear wheel diameter D (mm) 80
Minimum clamp height H1 (mm) 835
Maximum clamp height H2 (mm) 1640
Total height H (mm) 1525
Length L (mm) 866
Width W (mm) 956
Net weight (KG)  68
Model Capacity (Kgs) Dimensions Lift Height Dimensions Drum Size Weight
WA30B 300 805mm 210 Litre (55 Gallon) 572mm Dia 68Kgs