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Hydraulic drum lifting truck raptor dtr250

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 Hydraulic Drum Lifting Truck Raptor DTR250

Hydraulic Drum Lifting Truck Raptor DTR250

The ride-on DTR250 drum truck is great for handling both 30 and 55 gallon or 210 litre steel drums, especially when they are on standard pallets or containment skid type pallets as they go right over thanks to the high ground clearance.
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About the hydraulic drum lifting truck DTR250

Using a hydraulic lifting system the operation of the DTR250 drum truck is smooth and only a little effort is required. Due to the truck having a wider feet placement and higher than standard ground clearance, steel drums can be positioned on and removed from the centre of a standardized pallet. They can also be used over most containment skids which are used to hold any spillages from drums and similar containers.

The DTR250 is highly manoeuvrable thanks to the four wheels, this also makes them much more stable than some 3 wheel trucks; the two front ones are fixed in a forward position whilst the rear two are swivel castors which make the truck easy to move around, changing direction as you go. A brake is incorporated so that the truck can be locked into position and won’t wander away.

Loads of up to 250kgs can be lifted to heights of 300mm with this drum truck which uses a claw type grab to lock-on to the top rim of a steel drum.

To lock the truck onto the drum it is a simple matter of good placement; encircle the drum with the drum legs and use the joystick lever to adjust the height with the hydraulics. When ready there is a black round knob attached to the back of the grab unit; simply push this to engage the jaws. Setting down is in reverse. Lower the drum to the ground by turning the joystick counter clockwise then push on the knob to release.

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Model Capacity(kgs) Lift Height Drum Size Weight
DTR250 250 300mm 210 Litre(55 Gallon) 572mm Dia 50Kgs

 Hydraulic Drum Lifting Truck Raptor DTR250 dimensions

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