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Hydraulic drum pallet truck raptor hj365

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Hydraulic Drum Pallet Truck Raptor HJ365

Hydraulic Drum Pallet Truck Raptor HJ365

This is an easy to use hydraulic pallet truck which lifts 55 gallon steel drums from the bottom. The HJ365 drum truck is from our extensive range of drum handling equipment which contains a diversity of drum lifting solutions.
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 About the HJ365 Drum Truck

The HJ365 drum truck is easily operated by a single person and provides a super quick way to manoeuvre steel drums around the workplace. Lifting a drum to heights of 375mm is obtainable with the HJ365 which has a maximum lifting capacity of 365kg.

Drums are lifted and manoeuvred with the handle; lifted by means of pumping it up and down and moving it by pushing and turning to steer as it is attached to double swivel castors for easy directional changes.

To use the truck, simple place it in its lowest position and move it forwards around the lower portion of the drum, under the lower rolling loop. The outer portion of the cradle is hinged and will open slightly on contact to allow the drum to enter the cradle, once it is fully engaged to the back of the cradle the hinged portion will close around the drum holding it firmly in position throughout the application.

There is a positioning lever incorporated into the handle which can be moved into each of three positions; ascent/lift, neutral and lower. So when you want to lift the drum, place the lever into the ascent/lift position; then as you pump the handle up and down the drum will lift.

When the lever is placed in the neutral position, transportation can take place, and when you are ready to lower the drum you will need to put the lever into the lower position and pump the handle again to lower slowly.

Maintenance of the HJ365 Drum Trolley

As with all types of lifting and material handling equipment, daily checks should be performed before use to determine if there are any problems which could hamper its safe use. On this drum truck you should check the handle, axles, wheels and the 3 position lever operates correctly.

It is recommended to check the oil level every 6 months, adding more when necessary. L-HV46 hydraulic oil is recommended. Sometimes when seals are replaced air enters the unit; to expel this air put the control lever into the lower position and pump the handle several times.

Motor oil or grease can be used to lubricate all moving parts of the truck. Remember to follow all safety guidelines issued with your drum truck to avoid any unnecessary problems and accidents. Top tips include; only use on firm lever surfaces; do not lift personnel and do not overload.

Lifting Solutions from LGD

Alongside our varied collection of drum handling equipment Lifting Gear Direct have a huge choice of lifting gear including solutions for most every day lifting tasks as well as more unusual lifting applications.

We manufacture our own jib cranes and mobile lifting gantries to your requirements and these can be supplied with a hoist of your choice from our massive collection of hoisting devices.

Smaller lifting equipment is also no problem; slings, shackles, clamps, trolleys, plate lifting solutions and height safety are all readily available at great prices. Call 01384 76961, use the contact page or request a quote tab to get in touch.



Model HJ365
Capacity (lbs) 800
Min hoop height (mm) 390
Max hoop height (mm) 270
Hoop radius (mm)  290
Load wheel diameter (mm) Ø80x38 Nylon
Steering wheel diameter (mm)  Ø160
Net Weight (KG) 53
Model Capacity (Kgs) Dimensions Lift Height Dimensions Drum Size Weight
HJ365 365 375mm 210 Litre (55 Gallon) 572mm Dia 55Kgs