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Heavy duty drum lifter raptor hd dl500a

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Heavy Duty Drum Lifter Raptor HD DL500A

Heavy Duty Drum Lifter Raptor HD DL500A

With a lifting capacity of 500kg and additional handles for easier manipulation the DL500A are robust, heavy duty drum tongs for vertical lifting applications.
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More on the Heavy Duty Drum Tongs DL500A

From our vast range of drum lifting equipment these are suitable for use with 210 litre or 55 gallon steel drums the DL500A can lift from the top rim in a vertical orientation.

The lifting eye which is incorporated into the design of this drum handler makes it easy to fit to a crane hook or other hoisting equipment for lifting.

The DL500A heavy duty drum tongs are very simple in design; they have two arms which consist of an end lip/grab to sit under the drum’s rim; two handles, one on each arm for easier handling  and a simple pin mechanism holding the two arms together to enable the tong’s grab to open and close around the drum rim. Because of its simplicity, there is very little maintenance work to do; clean and lubrication is all that is needed.

Using the Drum Lifting Tongs Safely

Using the lifting tongs is simple; once fitted to a hoisting device, position the tongs around the top rim on the drum, ensuring the grabs are seated in the correct position slowly raise the device and the weight of the drum will ensure enough force is applied to pull the grabs in and hold the drum securely until it is put down again.

Remember to check the load limits and keep within the maximum capacity, overloading can be dangerous.  Check the tongs regularly for defects which have the potential to cause the lift to fail. You should also ensure that the tongs are seated on undamaged drum rims; if the rim on a drum is distorted or damaged in any way the tongs may not sit correctly under the rim which could potentially cause the drum to be dropped.

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Model Capacity (Kgs) Dimensions To Suit Drum Dimensions Drum Size Weight
DL500A 500 Steel 210 Litre  5Kgs