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Adjustable single poly drum grab raptor dg50

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Adjustable Single Poly Drum Grab Raptor DG50

Adjustable Single Poly Drum Grab Raptor DG50

This drum grab by Raptor is adjustable and suitable for handling 30 or 50 gallon poly drums The DG50 has a lifting capacity of 455 kg and is mounted to a fork lift truck.
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About the Adjustable Single Poly Drum Grab Raptor DG50

Slide the DG50 onto the forks or a fork lift truck and tighten with the retaining screw bolts and you can begin your drum handling task with confidence, without even needing to leave the driving seat.

The attachment contains special pockets which enable most truck forks to be driven straight in; the size of the pockets is approx 136mm x 38mm so ensure it will fit your fork lift before purchase.

The width if the jaws on this drum attachment can be adjusted at the central axle to accommodate different sizes.

The DG50, as with the other DG range of drum grabs there is no need to leave your seat to manually handle the drum. Once the drum attachment makes contact with the drum the jaws will open up to accommodate the drum circumference and close accordingly. Once the drum is lifted the forces applied by the weight of the drum will keep the grab firmly clamped until the weight is taken off by setting the drum down again.

Other Drum Handling Solutions

We can offer an excellent range of fork lift mountable drum handling equipment; some lift the drum from the top rim, some from the centre and some from the bottom. We have drum attachments which can turn the drum to make emptying its contents easier as well as a super range of drum trucks for easy transportation of drums around the workplace. Drum lifting solutions include a range of drum tongs and grabs which are slung from a crane or hoist for higher lifting operations. All of our drum lifting equipment is of high quality whilst being as cost effective for the customer as possible. Contact and Raptor are the main manufacturers of the drum handling equipment we supply, both have an excellent track record so you can be confident in purchasing their products through Lifting Gear Direct.

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Because there is such a vast range of drum handling solutions it can be quite overwhelming at times, so if you would like a little help in choosing which product would suit your intended application just contact us by email of phone (01384 76961). If you know exactly which product you want and need to know the cost before ordering you can use the request a quote button. Actually ordering a product can be completed by email or phone, some products may be available on a buy it now button; the choice is yours!




Model Capacity (Kgs) Dimensions To Suit Drum Dimensions Drum Size Weight
DG50 455 Poly Drums 30 or 55 Gallon 20Kgs