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Manual horizontal drum tongs raptor dm500

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Manual Horizontal Drum Tongs Raptor DM500

Manual Horizontal Drum Tongs Raptor DM500

These manual drum lifting tongs DM500 are for lifting drums which are horizontally positioned.
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More on the Manual Horizontal Drum Lifting Tongs DM500

210 litre open or tight head steel drums can be lifted with the DM500, if you have the plastic type of drums with a large or extra large steel ring with a bottom rim then these can be lifted too. The tongs are rated at 500kg so this is the maximum handling capacity and should not be exceeded.

As you can see from the images, this really is a simply device yet it does the job no problem. There are two steel grabbing arms anchored together by a steel ring, The ring can be used to attach the tongs to the hoisting device chosen for the operation.

The grab arms will then need to be manually opened and positioned on the drum rim; once it has been lifted a little the grabs will sit firmly under the rim where it will remain until lowered again and the weight has been released. It is the weight of the drum and gravity which applies the necessary force to the grab arms to hold them in position.

Other Lifting and Drum Handling Devices

Drum handling equipment takes on many forms, tongs and grabs, drum trucks and fork lift mountable drum handling devices; they are all available from Lifting Gear Direct at great prices. Many types of hoisting devices are also readily available should you require a lifting means to fit your drum lifters to.

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Model Capacity (Kgs) Dimensions To Suit Drum Dimensions Drum Size Weight
DM500 500 Steel 210 Litre (55 gallon) 4Kgs