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Adjustable single drum grab raptor dg40

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Adjustable Single Drum Grab Raptor DG40

Adjustable Single Drum Grab Raptor DG40

The DG40 drum grab  is for use with a forklift truck. It incorporates good sized fork pockets within its construction which enables a fork lift truck to line up straight and drive the forks in.
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Securing the attachment onto the forks is straight forward. There are 2 T-shape screw-in bolts which are hand tightened to anchor the attachment directly to the trucks forks.

It is important to check the tightness of these bolts periodically before, after and during use.  If you would like even more reassurance that the DG40 will not completely slide off the forks should a screw bolt come undone (highly unlikely if checked as recommended) then you can attach a chain or cable to the truck to act like a break-away device.

How to Use the Adjustable Single Drum Grab Raptor DG40

The jaws on the DG40 are adjustable in order to facilitate both 30 and 55 gallon steel drums. They are adjusted by lifting to 90 degrees then sliding the jaws to the correct position on the shaft.

The attachment can be fitted to the forks as stated above; once they are secured you can drive up to the drum, ensuring the jaws are positioned in line under the top rolling loop/rib; slowly proceed forwards and lower the forks at the same time (only a little) when the jaws come into contact with the drum they will begin to open up, continue forwards until the jaws finally close in around the drum.

As soon as you begin to lift the drum off the ground its weight will apply forces to the jaws which will keep them locked in place until it is set down and released.

To Release the drum, simply lower the drum to the ground, lower the forks a little more whilst reversing at the same time, the grab will release the drum.

Maintenance & Safety

Hardly any maintenance is needed with the DG40 drum grab, keeping it clean and lubricated is all that is required.

With safety in mind you should only use this drum handler for the specified drum type, in this case the DG40 permits only steel drums with rolling loops/ribs; using this device for lifting other types of drums could very well result in load failure which could lead to injury of major health hazards is chemicals spill out.

Never exceed the marked safe working load of the drum grab, and ensure your fork lift truck can handle the loads. Personnel should never be lifted with this type of equipment; and loads should never be left in the air.

Inspecting the drum grab prior to each use and incorporating the necessary thorough inspections into your maintenance routine will help to keep your equipment in good, safe working order whilst helping to avert potential dangers.

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Model Capacity (Kgs) Dimensions To Suit Drum Dimensions Drum Size Weight
DG40 682 Steel 30 or 55 Gallon 55Kgs