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Standard hydraulic drum truck raptor dt250

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 Standard Hydraulic Drum Truck Raptor DT250

Standard Hydraulic Drum Truck Raptor DT250

The DT250 drum truck is one of our lower cost manual drum handling solutions. Perfect for lifting and transporting 210 litre steel drums around the work place.
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Using the DT250 Drum Truck

The hydraulics in this drum truck ensures easy lifting of a steel drum. The sturdy wheels and rear swivel castor makes transportation quick and easy with minimal effort required.

To grab the drum for lifting simply position the truck around the drum; press the handle (5) repeatedly to raise the frame until the drum’s rim is between the clamps teeth and the teeth on the frame.

Once in position, by pushing the knob/lever (7) the clamp (8) will firmly grab the drum in its teeth; you can now lift the drum to the required height by pumping up the lifting frame with the handle (5).

To transport the drum you simply use the handle (5) to push, pull and steer the truck. The handle can rotate to aid the changing of direction. It is recommended that drums are transported whilst in the lowest possible position to ensure good stability.

To set down and release the steel drum with the DT250 you need to slowly screw the discharge joystick in a counter-clockwise direction and lower the drum until it makes contact with the floor. Now you can push back the knob (7) to release the jaws of the clamp and therefore releasing the drum.

Maintenance of the DT250 Drum handling Truck.

Routine checks should be carried out to ensure there are no defects which could hamper the safe operation of the truck. Check the chassis, grab, teeth and wheels for wear, cracks and loose connections. The hydraulic oil should be refreshed periodically too to ensure smooth operation continues.  If any significant wear or defects are noted then discontinue use until it has been thoroughly inspected by a competent professional and deemed safe to use.

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Model Capacity (Kgs) Dimensions Lift Height Dimensions Drum Size Weight
DT250 250 345mm 210 Litre (55 Gallon) 572mm Dia 42Kgs

 Standard Hydraulic Drum Truck Raptor DT250