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Hydraulic drum rotator trolley DTR400A

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Hydraulic Drum Rotator Trolley DTR400A

Hydraulic Drum Rotator Trolley DTR400A

This hydraulic drum truck is manually operated and can lift, transport and rotate 210 litre steel drums. Perfect for turning drums to dispense the contents.

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About the Hydraulic Drum Rotator Trolley DTR400A

The DTR400A hydraulic drum rotator trolley enables the easy emptying of steel drums. The trolley is higher than many others and can lift the drum to a maximum height of 1350mm.

This enables the drum to be rotated at a suitable height for dispensing the contents into another container. It could also facilitate the mixing of the contents.

The DTR400A drum rotator truck incorporates a hydraulic foot pump for quick and easy drum lifting. There is also a hydraulic hand pump which has a descent control function for easy lowering of the drum.

Once lifted clear of the floor the drum can be rotated by turning the hand crank. This can turn the drum through 120 degrees, stopping in any position. All these features can be operated by a single person from the same position at the rear of the trolley with minimal effort.

The drum is held in position by a pincer type clamp which attaches to the drums top rim and a support platform at the bottom. Moving the drum around on the trolley is smooth and stable thanks to the two front fixed wheels and the two rear castors which incorporate brakes for safety. All wheels & castors are 125mm in diameter.

The maximum lifting capacity of this hydraulic drum rotator trolley is 400kg.

The measurements of the trolley are 198cm high x 920cm wide x 118cm deep. It weighs 210kg.

Other Drum Rotator options

Should you need to turn and rotate your drums and move them around but this model is not quite right for your needs then browse the drum truck range where you will find a range of other trolleys which can rotate drums.

Alternatively Lifting Gear Direct can supply a range drum rotators including drum rotating equipment for attaching to a fork lift truck enabling you to make the most out of your existing equipment. We also have a range of drum lifting tongs to lift drums and although these do not tilt or rotate the drums there are some which can lift the drums horizontally which is a cheaper option if it suits your requirements.

Model DTR400A
Drum Type steel
Max. drum lifting height 1350mm
wheel/castor diameter 125mm
lifting capacity 400kg
Dimensions 1980 x 920 x 1180mm
Weight 210kg