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Drum rotator forklift attachment DLFT

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Drum Rotator Forklift Attachment DLFT/P

Drum Rotator Forklift Attachment DLFT/P

The DLFT range of drum rotators slide onto the forks of a forklift truck, thus enabling the easy lifting, rotating and emptying steel or poly drums whilst making the most of your forklift.

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About the DLFT/P Drum Rotator Forklift Attachment

There are 2 models in this range of forklift drum rotators with just one key difference. The first is the DLFT which can be used for handling 210 litre steel drums. The second model is the DLFTP which is designed for the 210 litre plastic, poly drums. Both have a maximum lifting capacity of 365kg, and measure 680 x 535 x 995mm. The DLTF weighs 70kg and the DLFTP weighs 76kg.

These drum rotating forklift attachments incorporate two sleeves which slide onto the tines/forks and lock on by tightening the screw clamps to the rear.

The maximum fork entry size is 180 x 65mm. The distance between the centre points of the fork sleeves is 620mm, so please ensure this will fit your forklift truck.

To pick up a drum, simply steer the forklift up to the drum until the drum girdle sits around its centre. Then secure the girdle around the drum using the chain and ratchet mechanism. Now the drum can be lifted to the required height . Rotating the drum is really easy, simply pull on the chain attached to the chain gear device and the drum will rotate. A full 360 degree rotation can be achieved.

Once the drum is attached, thanks to the long 10 ft. chain the drum can be rotated from the cab of the truck so the driver need not leave their seat which is an added bonus.

Made from steel with a powder coated finish these drum rotator forklift attachments enables the drum to be tilted to any position and therefore dispensing the contents is quick and easy.

Other Drum Turning Equipment

Drum turning equipment comes in variety of styles. Lifting Gear Direct can supply drum turning trolleys as well as the forklift mounted rotators. Each type handles the drums differently and has its own benefits, therefore compare the choices of drum rotators on offer whilst considering how you would like to handle your drums and you are sure to find the right model to suit your requirements.

Model Drum type Measurements Distance between fork centres Weight Lifting Capacity Max. Max. Fork Entry
DLFT steel 680 x 535 x 995mm 620mm 70kg 365kg 180 x 65mm
DLFTP poly 680 x 535 x 995mm 620mm 76kg 365kg 180 x 65mm