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Drum Grab – Forklift Mounted DLF40

Drum Grab – Forklift Mounted DLF40

There are 3 models in this range of drum grabs – forklift mounted DLF40 series. Two for handling single steel drums and one for handling 2 steel drums at the same time. Read below to find out more.

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About the Forklift Mounted Drum Grab DLF40 Series

If you own a forklift truck and also need to handle steel drums then why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone! Make the most possible use out of your forklift whilst lifting and moving your steel drums at the same time. Cost effective and efficient the DLF40 drum grab range is easy to fit, use, remove and store; it is a very simple piece of drum handling equipment yet highly effective.

This drum grab will easily slide over the forks of your forklift truck. Remember to check the specifications to ensure they will fit your specific truck. The grab is secured by screwing down the clamp until tight. For added security you may also like to add a safety chain to secure the attachment back to the main truck (not supplied)

A key advantage to these drum grabs is that the forklift driver need not leave the cab to handle the drum. Simply drive right up and position the girdle above the drum, slowly lower the forks thus the grab and the arms/girdle will pass around the drum, keep going until the grab is in the centre section of the steel drum where it will hold securely against the upper middle raised rib/ring of the drum when lifted. The drum can be set down automatically too, simply lower to the ground and reverse the truck away.

The DLF40 handles a single 210 litre steel drum but if you choose the DF40A model the girdle/arms are adjustable which enables the grab to be used with 100 litre drums as well as the standard 210 litre steel drums.

The final model is the DLF402, this is capable of handling two 210litre steel drums simultaneously.

Other Forklift Mounted Drum Lifters

Forklift truck mountable drum handling equipment offers a really convenient way of lifting and moving drums around the workplace as well as for loading and off loading vehicles with drums. Stacking drums can also be accomplished with a forklift drum handling device. You can really make the most out of your forklift with these attachments whilst also increasing output and safety when compared to manually handling drums.

Lifting Gear Direct can supply all types of drum lifting equipment including drum rotators, drum trucks, drum dollies and drum tongs, so however you wish to handle your drums, we can usually help.

Model DLF40 DLF40A DLF402
No. of drums 1 1 2
Drum Type 210L Steel 100 & 210L steel 2x 210L steel
Lifting Capacity 600kg 600kg 2 x 450kg
Max. Fork Entry 140 x 50mm 140 x 50mm 180 x 55mm
Arm Type fixed adjustable fixed
Weight 55kg 57kg 90kg