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Forklift drum turner dlt

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Forklift Drum Turner DLT/DLTC

Forklift Drum Turner DLT/DLTC

This is a forklift drum turner DLT to use with a forklift hook attachment in order to lift and rotate steel drums suspended under the tines of a forklift truck.

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About the Forklift Drum Turner DLT

There are two model variations in this range, the DLT model has a manual tilt function, it will need the drum to be rotated by placing hands on the drum and tilting whereas the DLTC model incorporates a chain pulley mechanism in order to turn the drum without having to touch it, great for oily or dirty drums!

Both models are designed to be used suspended under the forks of a forklift truck. This will normally necessitate the addition of a forklift hook attachment like the one in the pictures above, (not included) from which to hang the drum rotator device. These can be purchased separately from Lifting Gear Direct if you don't already have one.

The drum is secured into the rotator by a ratcheted chain mechanism which pulls the girdle tight around the centre or the drum. The drum can be rotated and locked into position to enable easy emptying and filling. The maximum lifting capacity is 360kg for both models.

With a steel construction and a powder coated finish they are robust and easy to maintain. The DLT weighs 25kg and the DLTC weight 38kg, the weight should be taken into account as well as other attachments and the load to ensure the forklift truck can handle the weight.

Other Drum Turning Equipment

Drum turning equipment or drum rotating devices can be obtained from Lifting Gear Direct along with any other lifting gear you may need. Alongside the choice of forklift attachments which can rotate drums, we also supply a selection of drum rotating trolleys/trucks which provides a similar outcome but without the forklift truck. So whatever your drum turning needs are we can usually provide the right drum handling equipment at great prices.