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Forklift mounted drum positioners

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Forklift Mounted Drum Positioners – DLFP & DLFPU

Forklift Mounted Drum Positioners – DLFP & DLFPU

There are 2 forklift mounted drum positioners in this range. One for horizontal drum stacking and one for changing drums from horizontal to vertical.

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About the Forklift Mounted Drum Positioners DLF & DLFPU

Forklift mounted drum positioners are great for drum stacking tasks as well as positioning for for other applications. There are two models to choose from within this collection. Firstly the DLFP which is the basic model simply consisting of 2 tines. These slide under the drum for lifting in a horizontal position and work well for stacking drums horizontally.

The second model, the DLFPU handles the drums a little differently. It has an extra tine which enables the drum to be moved from horizontal to vertical. The locking mechanism to hold the drum in the horizontal position can be operated from the cab of the forklift truck.

These drum positioners are great for many drum position tasks, pyramid style horizontal stacking, pallet loading and unloading and more. What's more they can be used with both steel drums and poly drums and barrels.

The fork entry pockets measure 150 x 60mm so ensure the tines of your truck will fit through. They secure with two screw clamps at the rear and an additional tether can be attached to the eye bolt at the centre rear and anchored to the forklift for extra safety if required.

Other Drum Positioning Equipment

There are many forms of drum positioning equipment and not all require the use of a forklift truck like this one. Drum rotators are a great way to manipulate a drum from one orientation to another although whilst not as good for horizontal stacking tasks they are great for emptying the contents.

Drum lifting equipment such as tongs and grabs which are used with a hoisting device or forklift hook attachment are available in various styles to lift drum either horizontally or vertically. These can also be useful tools for drum positioning and stacking tasks.

Lifting Capacity 300kg 400kg
Drum Type Steel & poly Steel & poly
Weight 42kg 75kg
Fork Entry Size 150 x 60mm 150 x 60mm