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Forklift mounted lifting hook

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Forklift Mounted Lifting Hook - DLHS

Forklift Mounted Lifting Hook - DLHS

There are two models in this forklift mounted lifting hook range to suit various sizes of forks on a fork lift truck. Easy to use and ideal for suspending loads under the trucks forks. These work well with our drum lifting equipment.

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About the Forklift Mounted Lifting Hook

Here we have a range of sleeves with a hook attachment suitable for fitting to the forks of a forklift truck to enable load lifting beneath the forks rather than on top of them.

It is important to measure the fork dimensions of your truck, including the distance between the centre points of the forks. Compare them with the specification table to ensure they will fit. The maximum entry size for the forks is 145mm x 55mm.

Made from heavy duty steel and finished with powder coating for protection and easy cleaning. There is a screw clamp located on each fork pocket which are used to secure the forklift mounted lifting hook sleeve to the truck. These should be periodically checked for tightness throughout use.

At the centre of the sleeve there is an eye to which a shackle and lifting hook are fitted. These are both replaceable if necessary but you must ensure replacements are up to the task.

The lifting hook is fitted with a safety catch to ensure whatever is attached to it will remain secure.

Why Use a Forklift drum lifting hook

These forklift mounted lifting hook sleeves work extremely well with many of our drum lifting devices like drum tongs and barrel grabs. They enable drums to be lifted beneath the forks either horizontally or vertically, depending on the lifter used. The majority of lifters will grab drums from the rim and therefore most suited to steel drums, there are other types of drum lifters which can handle poly drums.

A key benefit to using these forklift mounted drum handling devices is that you will be making the most out of your forklift truck which are often used infrequently. They can be used for lifting, loading, stacking and even emptying drums in many scenarios, and enable drums to be lifted higher than the usual drum truck or trolley. Should you have the need to rotate drums then check out the drum rotator range where you will find different devices to turn your drums and barrels.

Lifting Capacity 1000kg 2500kg
Distance between centre fork pocket 250mm 450mm
Dimensions 460L x 130H mm 660L x 140H mm
Weight 14kg 25kg
Maximum fork entry size 145 x 55mm