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FMEH forklift mounted raised hook

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FMEH Forklift Mounted Raised Hook

FMEH Forklift Mounted Raised Hook

The FMEH forklift mounted raised hook attachment has an elevated bridge and therefore can lift loads right up to the bottom of the forks.

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About the FMEH Forklift Mounted Raised Hook Attachments

The raised bridge and hook design of the FMEH forklift hook attachment has a few advantages over other hook devices where the hook hangs below the forks.

Thanks to the raised bridge the hook position is above the bottom of the forks which means that the attachment can be set completely down to the ground without the hook touching the floor and therefore preventing damage occurring to the hook.

The load hook's position also means that loads can be lifted to right under the forks, much higher than most other hook attachments. This raised height of lift can make all the difference to the handling of your loads.

The fork pockets are 160mm wide so make sure your fork measurements will fit. The raised hook attachment is easy to fit, there are two retaining heel pins which need to be removed from the attachment first. The forklift truck can then be driven directly into the pockets as far ass possible and secured by refitting the retaining pins behind the heel of the fork. To remove the attachment simply lower to the ground, remove the pins and reverse out, job done!

When attaching a load the hook attachment should be positioned so the swivel hook is directly over the loads lifting point and lowered until there is just enough space to attach the load safely to the anchor point.

Make sure the safety gate is fully closed before attempting to lift and ensure you do not drag the load, lift it straight up. Dragging a load will put excessive stress on the retaining pins which could be dangerous. Never exceed the load rating of the hook.

There are 3 models available with a top safe working load of 5000kg, see the specification table for more details. The swivelling hook incorporates bearings for smooth turning and the heel pin assembly has a 600mm load centre. The FMEH raised hook attachment will turn your forklift into a mobile crane with many benefits.

Other Forklift Accessories

There are many types of forklift accessories and attachments available from Lifting Gear Direct, some are for specific load types like our drum handling options. Other lifting hooks and jib arms for suspended load are also available. We can also offer a range of fork protection devices such as fork sleeves, covers, bumpers and fenders to protect both forks and the load from damage.

Tipping skips are another option and enable lifting, moving and tipping loose materials.

Whatever your lifting and material handling needs, Lifting Gear Direct is the place to come!

Model SWL Height Pocket Width Length Weight
FMEH 2000 2000kg 270mm 160mm 900mm 190kg
FMEH 3000 3000kg 270mm 160mm 900mm 195kg
FMEH 5000 5000kg 270mm 160mm 900mm 210kg